Cuisine: une pizza à la bière … is it possible? Oui, et ça s’appelle la «Bizza»

by Francesca Caseri

Pizza’s bread’s levée’s bread crust connit a crunchy succulent part in not petit pays. But it’s too much for this marriage to go against nature;

Beer crust, all condensed beer, comes in the very lowest form of pizza on pizza, which is rendering it lighter, more crunchy and meme, more savory. From which to create life-saving materials, such as textures, complete inclusions, and deciduous bees. Vous reprendrrez bien une de de «bizza»;

Beer skin, such as finding large surfaces, takes a long time beyond the appearance of pizzas, to the nature of the skin naturally using purists and toughers in very small quantities. In addition to giving a gut, but also the perimeter to the lever foot more rapidly and without deviation for the passage of longer minutes into the manipulator and the air, in high voltage mode. Additionally, no more than one loin and plutonium, which is applied to the skin of the beer which is industrially prepared, sets the table on a product more natural than the skin of the Duvel issue. Other than that, pushing the drum bush encloses a pea plus avant and sessayer in the manufacture of the pie à from Gueze’s body and, more specifically, from the Lambic moth.

A procedure which gives place to a baptized preparation “Bizza” but which requires little patience. Ainsi traitée, la pâte lève with efficiency but with heat. In the event, the laisser is repaired within 48h at least. The save is very special, plus it is no more than trop. Authorizing marijuana in full swing and, for that matter, in favor of typically Belgian products, such as chicks, air-vents, molds or seals on them. Notably, the boot can be fitted with four traditional but also with four steam, which acquires an additional heating value.

Pie’s pizza bi la bière recipe


  • A cup of brown beer
  • Two cups of instant delivery
  • One sugar case
  • Deux tasses και far de farine
  • A large pinch of salt
  • Two coats of olive oil
  • Blowing or swaying forehead and earning desired consent


  1. Dans un bol, mélangez la bière, la levure et le sucre. Laissez reposer jusqu’à ce que li preparation mousse sur le dessus, soit ambient 5 minutes.
  2. In a battery on the pole or culinary robot, it is important to work with plastic sheeting or crochet to further. Mélangez la farine et le sel. Activating the robot at medium speed, adjusting the oil and mixing motion to obtain the attention of a mole. Return the goose to the bowl and knead for a few minutes in the oven to prevent it from sticking.
  3. Dispose of in a lightly floured bowl and cover with a separate lid. Laissez la pate gonfl er environ 1 heure dans un endroit tiède et sans current. Coupez-la en deux. Use the pad immediately or wrap it in plastic wrap, refrigerate (after plus 12 hours) or congeal.
  4. Place the grill on the base of four. Place a piece of pizza or a cookware plate on the reverse. Preheat the oven to à 230 ° C. Saupoudrez a little flour on the hot plate and on the pizza plate.
  5. Cut the potato to take 2 rounds 25 cm diameter. Dispose of the potato on the plate and garnish. Slice the potato on the hot plate and cook for 10 à 15 minutes or until it is almost browned.

Bon à savoir

For activating the lever, the temperature of the beer is important. It must be placed in a fork which is 41 à 46 ° C. Which signifies that the beer must be heated with pruning and precision welding. Trop chaude, on risque de tuer la levure, trop froide, la pâte ne lèvera pas bien.

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