Cryptomonnaies increase by more than 60 billion in 24 hours, with bitcoin selling for $ 31,000 |

The bitcoin exchange rate commensurate with the replay signals, which is over $ 30,000 over May 30, achieves a 15% return on the 18-month quota, which can be reached in May .

After setting a record level in November of the last year, the assembly of cryptocurrencies a pass plus $ 1,500 billionle bitcoin à lui seul ayat enregistre a base of more than 60% at the rate of six precedents.

The passage through the vertical of the digital active light beacon also has an effect on the capitalization of the cryptocurrencies in general, leading to an increase of more than 60 billion dollars a day, 24 hours the donings of coingecko.

In particular, between May 29 and May 30, the global march of crypto-currencies is gone from $ 1.21 trillion to $ 1.271 trillion.

An increase of 4.64% in relation to the last day has been recorded by the assembly of the march. The total volume of cryptocurrencies in the course of the previous 24 hours is from 69.42 billion dollars, which leads to an increase of 39.60%. It’s interesting to note that DeFi’s total volume is $ 6.89 billionit is 9.92% of the total volume of cryptographic transactions in 24 hours, while all stable parts remain at 60.82 billion dollars, 87.62%.

Bitcoin is approaching $ 31,000

Le bitx du bitcoin a regagné $ 30 000 και σε rapproche από 31 000 $. The digital beacon is currently trading at $ 30,692, up 4.48% from the last 24 hours and up 0.80% from the previous week.

Michael van de Poppecryptocurrency trading analyst, declared:

By the way, bitcoin is on a train of the course versus the high. A little more consolidation and more will be enough to break even higher in what $ 32.8K and $ 35K are the resistance.

I am a brief:

At the moment it is trading at $ 35K, this is the point at which it is all about the deviant monetary wave.

It is worth mentioning that The Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index is a registered “extreme” in its expression of the expansion of crypto-currencies, which has reached its lowest level since 192.

Dependent, retaining, JPMorgan Chase strategies, confirming that cryptocurrencies are a “potential of significant house“, Ont contributed to change the sentiment of the march this week.

Concerning the other currencies, the active digital principals, such as Ethereum, Cardano, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, are in the form of coins for one or more days. Of course, most of the 100 crypto-currency premieres are Waves (WAVES).

As a result, Waves traded cryptocurrencies with a loss of 27.38% over the journal.

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