cryptocurrency mines consume plus 2% of payload electricity

Russia faces the consumption of cryptocurrency mines

En Russiathe activity of cryptocurrency mines consume plus 2% of the energy’s of the foot. This is all about the company of Vasily Shpak, the Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce:

«Savez combines the minor exploitation represented in the global map of low-cost electricity production; Entrance: plus 2%. This is more than the supply of electricity for agriculture. We can not reconcile minor exploitation […] in which activity […] industrialelle. »

Declare the equation as the sector evolves into a “gray zone” of a regulatory point. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true magic begins! n’est pas taxé and that their actors are exposed to risks, without specifying the nature of the risks.

With minors totaling 4.7% of world wealth, Russia ranks 6th the most important Bitcoin (BTC) network :

Increasing Bitcoin hashrate by pay

The asterisks for Allemagne and Ireland in this graphic are significant as these values ​​are continuously amplified by a change of IP address by the miners of other countries.

Rappelons since January, the central bank of Russia appealait à interdire le minageVladimir Putin’s state opposes this recommendation for economic rations.

Aller For more than one – Discover not meeting more actors of cryptocurrency mining:

The place of mining in energy consumption

With Proof-of-Stake (PoS) interest, Vasily Shpak expects more energy conservation from our ecosystem to the water. Suspended, the whole malgré all the import of a regulation of the sector :

«Néanmoins, it is evident that […] of one way or another, or consuming energy, is a technological activity. Also, our position is unambiguous: minor exploitation must be reconciled, regulated and integrated into industrial activity. »

If the electrical consumption of the mining is a reality, it is almost dead to be considered in globalization.

In order to have a competitive production side, the miners tend to use the production inefficiencies à leur avantage. This means that if a hydroelectric barrier generates trop of electricity in comparison with local demand, a pouring mine, by example, must be installed in the region, within profit from at least one electricity.

From the production dimension of production equipment, to respond to the peak consumption points, of the opportunity wires being frequent and mining mobile in function of the season. However, with a selective vision, mining is an energetic corrugation, deviating from a soft tool against gasification.

In other respects, they do not demonstrate that industrial mining consumes electricity if they want to, by defining other strategic sectors, contrary to what may or may not be in Russia.

Act In the current situation – Kazakhstan to pass amendments to increase cryptocurrency mining

Sources: Interfax, Image: Université de Cambridge

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