Covid-19: Faut-il faire vacciner for infants and the prospect of renting?

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Although the effects of the coronavirus epidemic are similar to those in the French hospital, some doctors do not have the most effective vaccines against infants in view of their rent.

With several weeks remaining, the difference differs for the majority of the French from the guard to the expectation that the Covid-19 remains active. Inside the left side restrictions limitations and the return of the disease, the epidemic has an effect more than what the outside world has. More scientific evidence goes back to concrete rolling in the windshield wipers, and noticing in the seminars that follow the September rent.

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In this perspective, a figure is asked in particular: all children vaccinated between 5 and 11 years. “This is why there is a persistent need for any seminars on the importation to maintain a vaccine protection provided for the most fragile populations. But on the whole there are more children,” said Yves Buisson, epidemiologist. In a country like France, historically plus as long as its occupants face vaccination, they are translated by one of the most common vaccine covers for 5-11 year olds.

France in the heart of the peloton

According to the official data, only 5.2% of French children are vaccinated in this tranche of water. At least that of Great Britain (7%), Switzerland (8.4%); most of which are as small as Germany (22.2%), Belgium (33.3%), the United States (35.5%), Italy (38.1%) … Without a doubt Spain or Canada, which are provided for vaccination plus more than one child.

% of infants from 5-11 years having received at least 1 dose of vaccine ud83d udc47#Covid

• France: 5.2%
• ud83c udff4 ?????? Angleterre: 7%
• ud83c udde8 ud83c uddedSuisse: 8.4%
• ud83c udde9 ud83c uddeaAllemagne: 22.2%
• ud83c udde7 ud83c uddeaBelgium: 33.3%
• ud83c uddfa ud83c uddf8États-Unis: 35.5%
• ud83c uddee ud83c uddf9Italy: 38.1%
• ud83c uddf5 ud83c uddf9 Portugal
• ud83c uddea ud83c uddf8Espagne: 54.5%
• ud83c udde8 ud83c udde6Canada: 56.5%

– Nicolas Berrod (@nicolasberrod) May 29, 2022

“Faudrait effectively does not claim disadvantage,” said the president of the Covid cell at the Academy of Medicine. “Effectively, although it may be part of the rental property, it may be made face down, if it is not in a new level, at all times, and the number of cases of infection has been repaired. An internal problem of class closures that can be traced, even before devants are vaccinated against children, such as Yves Buisson, flu, and that vaccination of infants is not an advantage. inconvenient. “

Toujours ça de pris

For the epidemiologist, “what is interesting about getting vaccinated, going into these 5 to 11 year olds, which is not and will not have a significant secondary effect on one-on-one reports”. However, in France there is an enormous setback for vaccination and a real impact on collective immunity for most young people, plus with the strong transmission rates provoked by Omicron.

A pound of Aussie:
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“For those who do not intend to transmit more than one young person, it is recommended that more than 90% of the vaccination be given to this population”, says the professor. The figures that appear totally illusory aujourd’hui, but which do not follow to block the steps for autant. “It seems that the new variants that are installed in such a way that the vaccines mainly avoid the forms of gravity and are at least effective in transmission.

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