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Practical and convincing, the kitchen with a bar can be a viable outlet. Advantages and inconveniences, console-mounting devices and brackets for integrating a single bar into a small kitchen, all of which can be used for the adapter.

Alliance a practical use and an aesthetic dimension, the kitchen bar is a very decorative coin in an interior. This is also the case without counting which can be integrated according to your kitchen configuration: gain space for small kitchens, verifiable detector or repairs for spaced kitchens.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a kitchen with a bar;

Installer of a bar in a kitchen open the space, that you live in a large apartment or studio. You can choose between a bar integrated directly into the kitchen or a furniture to be placed between the kitchen and the living room. The possibilities are numbered and you find finding an option that adapts to your style. Το Kitchen bar is versatile but it is very convincing!
In spite of the inconsistencies, the notebook can be placed on the furniture bar in such a way that it will not be found in a small kitchen. If the manager, cook or manager is comfortable, do not overdo it. The greenhouse in this case is further considered as an outline work plan for some accessories.

Le bar sera mis en place à mi-hauteur with high chaises. To import if you have a large or small kitchen in this figure, the object is to open the space and be able to position your furniture bar.

If you have one kitchen ouverte en I, and giving it their own, because we do not have to cook your own kitchen with the bar upstairs to a central slot that integrates the rankings and a cooking plate. This allows you to create a complete space and design your kitchen and install it.

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If you have one cuisine in L, the bar and parfaire the installation takes place in place of your kitchen and sera vratiment beyond that strategic location. The perimeter also allows for dissemination of additional rankings. They find their way into the decor of the enclosure with an existing clone, tending to choose an adapted material, which aura for the effect of harmonizing the ensemble, all to the benefit of a repetition.

In the case of one kitchen ouverte en U, the bar defines more than the space of the kitchen in the delimiting one more. Keep in this case to conserve space for circulation.


If you prefer one semi-open or closed kitchencreate a bar that can be used to install a windshield, let alone pass through the natural light but also to create a space, detector or aperitif given and very strong.


Remember in a small kitchen, the furniture bar can be found! In order to have dimensions in a privileged one étroit model afin de ne pas tropi empiréter sur le reste de la piece. The ideal is that which can also be used as arrangement element. A bar in a small kitchen sera parfait comme appointment table on different petals or take your breath away. It is all installed at high speed to detect space. Profits for locating cafeterias or kitchen robots as well as being adapted to make cafes at any time of the year but also without culinary preparations. And if you prefer to take advantage of this factual bar, you can opt for a workable, pliable or scalable system.


To make the most of all the space available to you, you do not have to integrate a roulette bars ? Cell-shaped, you can move your guise as you work.

In the case of a studio, the room is close to the kitchenette. However in this configuration, you can give your character a little while you are installing a bar that is all green demarcation your kitchen, your work plan, your cooking table or your office desk.

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