Comprendre le Play-To-Earn in 3 minutes

Play-to-Earn tends to revolutionize the world of your video game. The game is not more unique uniquely present, but especially with the new game form appealing GameFi (combination “Game” and “Finance”).

The game is located at the center of the experience being encouraged à gain cryptocurrencies and dispensers on exchanges or in the same game. A new world where NFTs are integrated into parity and play their roles.

This is concretely;

The Play-to-Earn (P2E) games are here video games based on blockchain technology. But it’s starting to participate to the maximum in video production experience. This recording is necessary for the place of recompenses in various forms (cryptomonnaie, NFT, amelioration, bonus…).

These Play-to-Earns can take different forms. Even though they are “autonomous” like Axie Infinity, they are the ones who have their own universe for the game. Thus, it does not exist on a virtual universe in the form of Metaverse as Runners.

Comment fonctionne le Play-To-Earn?

The economy model of Play-To-Earn is recompress the springs that have the value in the game ecosystem. To make, the game is initially free (freemium). Do not earn more than one game or pay a subscription, but invest in time at the game with the gains in return.

Ρέ χρέωση for the pay participant for adding functionalized news, improving characterization, recovering content or equipment, or progressing more rapidly in the game.

Which are the main Play-To-Earn platforms?

A multitude of Play-To-Earn émerge ces derniers mois. The principals are:

  • Sorare : a game created on the Ethereum blockchain. The main objective is to collect virtual footballer cards to participate in competitions. These cards are NFT that can be used to value or cover the performance of the footballer in real life.
  • Axie Infinity : the NFT game is more than just one of the evolving faucets to participate in combinations.
  • My neighbor Aliki : the jewel finds itself on a farm and wants to cultivate legumes, remove animals, all at the foot, develop on the map.

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Illustration of Axie Infinity video game

Play-To-Earn strengths and weaknesses

This mode of play has a number of attitudes incorporating a conceptual transaction in the game experience.

  • Aim for NFT-enabled authentication, the benefit of all the advantages of blockchain technology: Security, authenticity and decentralization.
  • The concept at hand is one of them experience of the remunerative game for the jewel in the form of cryptocurrency retributions.

All Play-To-Earns are not without risk and otherwise have some limitations:

  • To generate output, to engage the consequent investments accordingly (achat of cards, artifacts, equipment, personalities…).
  • La security is not guaranteed in any of these blockchain games. Le plus célèbre Play-To-Earn Axie Infinity with a hack with prejudices worth plus $ 600 million.
  • Ces games are souvenir soup of the pyramid schemes. A system that wants to bring in new utilizers to feed back the previous precedents. Also, if the players convert their gain rapidly and then the game, the system is not more efficient.

Συμπέρασμα: who wants to play these games?

If these games constitute a real opportunity to engage the silver and consume different parts of the video game, or are tropic string can be numbered and manure maturity.

These games do not run at the same time as a recurring new level of functionalities, new levels used by the NFT, to keep the players in the game. This title, the development of Metavers can be the solution.

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