Comment do you choose the security of your secondary residence?

Meme si cela representative perfume an important coat, of French number required for secondary residences and franchising the past every year. The engagement is such that their common joints then limit the number of secondary residences on their territory, notably significantly increasing the mounting of the habitation tax of these properties. It must be agreed that, contrary to the original accommodation, it is necessary to sign up for an insurance for secondary residence is not mandatory. A consistent non-specific nuance for copropried housing or a guarantee of civil liability is at a minimum. For the rest, all from the owner’s choice, but signing an insurance contract is more than recommended. A lodge, whether in the presence of an apartment or a house, may be the victim of a number of cisterns, which may represent a very important coin. In addition, it should be noted that secondary residences are specially enclosed by convertibles. A Study of Interstats Analyze (Convertibles and attempted convertibles of main residences) also shows that 47,000 convertibles or attempted convertibles will be built in 2017 in secondary residences, the ciblant waste containing these unoccupied accommodations.

Secondary residence insurance, two possible solutions

Making the choice of securing a secondary residence, that is, making the choice of security. In this frame, two options can be invested. On the whole, extend the security contract of your main residence to add the secondary residence. Having an existing contract permits to extend existing guarantees. If your secondary residence is provided by a specific pool or equipment, it is important to add additional guarantees as well. Well, it represents a surrogate, but it also represents a surreal tranquility. The solution L’autre consists of a contractor a secondary residence insurance in addition to all the scripts for the main residence. It does not depend on an independent contract which can be interesting, as long as the safety pins are attached to a secondary residence.

Which private security guarantees for a secondary residence;

At the moment of choosing a habituation assurance, the first question to be asked is: which guarantees to choose? This also applies to secondary residences. As a matter of precedence, secondary residences are specially folded by the converters, or the need to sign a warranty and privilege of protection systems such as alarms for protection should be possible as soon as possible. It is also possible to avoid serious guarantees regarding risk risks. According to the definition, a secondary residence is unoccupied. An incineration or discharge of water can also occur at rates greater than those of a principally monitored residence. The civil liability guarantee must be recorded and recorded as such taking into account the location, as some secondary residences may be located in an inaccessible area or in regions or at the risk thereof. Having counter factors at the time of negotiating a contract with an insurer.

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