Comment can you subscribe to the Google Play Store?

You can sign up for a subscription paying for a Google Play Store application; Do you want to receive more services? No problem ! In this article, you are explicit σχόλιο cancel a subscription to the Google Play Store. Follow the guide!

What is Google Play?

Google Play, also called the Google Play Store is a part of the numeric release that allows you to download applications, music or books. You can also buy or buy movies and movies.

To have an Android outfit, Google Play is pre-installed on a smartphone or tablet. You can also access or access your Web browser.

Comment annuler a Google Play Store subscription on Android

Aujourd’hui, the number one Google Play application offering payout subscriptions. These subscriptions can serve several times. They do not take note of financing the application, but also unblock additional or enhanced functionality to a wireless service such as live TV, music streaming, etc.

It can reach you that you want to suspend or cancel the subscription εφαρμογή an application in the Google Play Store. You must not have more utility or you must have a better application. Whichever way you like it, it will be easier for you to subscribe. Voici comment faire.

1. Lancez le Google Play Store.

2. Appuyez sur l ‘your profile icon (en haut à droite).

Apply on your profile icon

3. Selections « Payment and subscriptions ».

Select Payment and subscriptions

4. All songs in « Ambones ».

All subscriptions in Subscriptions

5. From there, you can see your subscriptions Active and expired. Select the subscription you wish to resell.

Select the subscription in the Google Play Store as well

6. Apply to us « Announce the subscription ».

Cancel the app and the Google Play Store

7. Upon request you can subscribe to any content – you can cancel your subscription. Select from sample « Je ne suhaite pas répondre », Et appuyez sur« Continuator ».

8. Enfin, appuyez sur « Announce the subscription ».

Announce your subscription to the Google Play Store

✅ Voice, you save a comment remaining by subscribing to a Google Play application on an Android smartphone.

Comment annuller a Google Play subscription on the computer

To cancel a subscription to a Google Play application from a computer, proceed as follows:

1. You can navigate your Web browser by clicking on the following address:

2. If you do not want to log in, sign up for Google Account.

3. In the gas case, click on « Payments and subscriptions », Puis sur« Get the subscriptions ».

Get Play Store subscriptions

4. Sous la section « Ambones », You will see the list of applications / services which you have subscribed to. Click on the subscription you wish to resell.

5. Click here « Announce the subscription »

Cancel Play Store subscription

6. Select selection « Je ne suhaite pas répondre “, And click on” Continuator ».

7. Enfin, confirms the cancellation of the vote and its clients ” Announce the subscription ».

Subscribe to Google Play Store

✅ Voice, you can save a comment by canceling a subscription to a Google Play Store application for your computer.

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