Car. Does the Tesla logo represent more than just a “T”?

It was in 2003 that the Tesla Motors Society was founded in California by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. The name of the enterprise is a homage to Nikola Tesla, inventor and engineer known for his work on electricity.

The Le Roadster is the brand’s top model

Rendre the electric car accessible

Το 2006 η Tesla, automobile designer totally inconsistently present in a hangar of Santa Monica airport, an electric roadster driven by a Lotus Elise. Two plus parts, the first premiums, assembled in the main, sorted by the gutte of the Tesla minuscule.

At that moment, an investor, Elon Musk, took part in the business. After all, it is certain that Tesla did not pass for years.

To speed up the movement, take the cartridge and avoid the main books. The objective is clear: to democratize the electric car.

Tesla Motors is devenu Tesla in 2017.

Tesla Motors is devenu Tesla in 2017.

A very ambitious boss

After a new million-dollar table tour in May 2006, with an authentic quintillion-dollar quarantine and a plus Tard, Elon Musk took the main action course. In 2007, Eberhard won the PDG post.

The foundation is not more than the bra of the administration council. It is retrograde to the rank of “President of technology” before Tesla quitter in 2008, as well as other co-founder Marc Tarpenning. Ο Έλον Μασκ είναι désormais seul maître à bord.

The brand will revolutionize transport with its first electric truck

The brand will revolutionize transport with its first electric truck

What does the logo mean?

For its Tesla logo, apply to an agency based in New Jersey, RO Studio. About the divine letter T de Tesla. The Mais logo symbolizes the transverse coupling of an electric motor.

One part of this electric motor replicates the T-shape.

Not to mention that Twitter, the other economy in the new economy, is also racketed by Elon Musk, which also has space on SpaceX, and Neuralink.

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