Bourges dominate a dozen of Asvel and represent a quasi-title of champion of France

The march was a tropical high pitcher for the feminine Aswell, battling the Prado de Bourges for the second half of the women’s league final (78-62). President Tony Parker’s team lost 2-0, and as the series stretches out of Lyon’s city, Pierre Vincent’s beginnings soon after the choice: a new deficit approached them.

The first five minutes of this encounter are due to the fact that the settings imagined by the visitors alternately offer a more balanced party. A three-point cruise control (0/9 pa break), Marine Johannès (7 points) and the siennes are resting in the coup not appearing on their interior Kayla Alexander, flawless on the two first quarters (17 à 7 of 7 to shoot, 2 counters).


Level the term with a minuscule of 5% minimum through three points: 1 to 20!

With retreat, an asset defense falls plus steady, all in a liberating attack (26-16 in the 3rd quarter), Bourges in all franchise accelerated after the break. While Alexander is always content (2 points only after the tempo), Iliana Rupert enjoys polyvalence, alternating shots between three points and fear distance (16 points à 6 out of 14 aubon tir, 7 re).

Το L’Asvel entre pertes de balle dhe adresse catastrofique

In person, Lyonnais balbiaient their attack basket, and subdivide the tropic level visually into the ribbon (18 presses off against 7). These two sorts do not have to regulate the milking stems (13 passes, 11 percussion balls) even though the family address has three points on the arrangement (1 in 20).

Under the applause of a public who admires solarium on one ole, Olivier Lafargue’s protégés easily help to reconcile. The Eurocup Championships benefit from these two first duels to indicate that in this final, the two teams engaged will not be equipped with the same weapons.


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