BNB Chain announces a new roadmap to develop its ecosystem

The BNB Chain was attacked by decentralization

In the Revelation Summit frame, a live broadcast event on YouTube, the BNB Chain derivation team is revealed a new technological roadmap for your blockchain. Lancee par Binance in 2020, estimate of the BNB chain one of the most popular blockchainsEthereum direct competitors (ETH).

In particular, the objective is to improve decentralization, infrastructure capacities and governance systems to give clutches to developers. to create decentralized applications (dApps) dedemin.

For the most part, Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) are not included in the BNB Chain. In this case, the team declares that the blockchain purchase of new validators. According to the announcement of the day, what is deformed was chosen: the number of validators on the BNB Chain passera de 21 à 41.

Surprisingly, the team announced that petit validators devraient avoir plus the possibilities to participate in the consensus and generate compensators. Regularly point the dog to son of decentralization, this initiative is very present by the community. According to the statement, the BNB Chain wanted to decentralize “A central element” of its strategy.

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Une blockchain “plus fast, secure and scalable”

According to the information disseminated by this Revolution Summit, the new applications decentralized on the BNB Chain forbidden offer “Accredited capacity, rapid trading, accredited decentralization, safety of the network and stability of consumers”.

More specifically, the BNB Chain team increase the gas capacity of the network blocks to 200 million, which permits effective trading more rapidly and at least once. Selon eux, “This amelioration is translated by an experience without fail of the dApp, but in case of peak traffic on the network”.

Other than that, this new roadmap is also subject to an improvement of transaction speed and scalability of the network also as of the decentralization. Two aspects that make up the blockchain trilemma in its own right security et qui sont souvent considered as incompatible.

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Source: YouTube de BNB Chain

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