BMW Utilizes Plus Performance Batteries as Tesla for Series 3 Procurement

The Chinese CATL can be used to avoid an agreement with the German group BMW for the supply of lithium cylinder batteries. This is the format used by Tesla in its electric vehicles and it is a premium for CATL that normally uses two other formats: prismatic and small batteries.

BMW i3

Reuters is possible for the Chinese manufacturer of CATL batteries – which the Tesla Model 3 propulsion team notices with LFP technology – it is intended to deliver cylinder batteries for future electric models BMW, BMW 20 à5r. just developed a platform novelty – denominated Neur Class – which will start in 2025 with the future Electric 3 Series. BMW refuses to comment on information provided by Reuters, it is clear that the new CATL cylindrical batteries are located inside the future BMW electric platform and are within the same Series.

CATL cylindrical batteries passe aux, like Tesla

Information The most interesting is the type of batteries that are made by BMW and four’s in BMW. CATL announces that the serial batteries are of the cylindrical type, with the image of the batteries used by Tesla depositing the annals in their Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X. Also present, CATL supplies in prismatic form. This is the last form to be used in Model 3 Propulsion LFP batteries. Tesla rejects the use of batteries to create a major battery problem. The American manufacturer constructs his own cells in cylindrical format for his other models, but all of them are completely different from CATL manufactured cells.

Finally, the CATL and the official presentation of cette année cell cylinders. According to the proposal of the PDG of the Chinese group on its debut, the future cell – denominated Kirin – aurait a 13% higher energy density than competitors. Imagine being able to refer to the new Tesla 4680 cell phone. From which to make cars with more autonomous wind.

Whatever the battery format and its advantages and disadvantages, Cylindrical Batteries provide greater flexibility in the conception of electric vehicles and increase availability which is more common. Cooling the cells is also very simple, which allows to maintain an elevated power, which is intended for the motor or the charge. Recent, powerful electric vehicles with great autonomy (Rivian R1T, Lucid Air and Tesla) used by cylindrical batteries. Even with all its light colors, the Porsche Taycan uses a battery in its shape, in addition to great performance!

Recyclable batteries throw in fewer BMW futures contracts

BMW actively prepares massive electrification in the range as well the opening of a battery recycling machine in China. Cell for recycling cobalt, lithium and nickel used batteries to recover these materials for the conception of a new battery. Operation permeter of 90 kg of these materials in a battery of 100 kWh 70% less CO2 emissions for battery construction. From which one encloses one plus the CO2 emissions of the world car park. Mais il faudra être patient, car in 2030, 11% of batteries used by car manufacturers for recycling. Tesla, from the quote, advertises recycling 92% of the materials contained in a battery. And what figure should be taken as an ameliorator for all constructors, thanks to the evolution of recycling technology.

What does Tesla report on the use of electric vehicle batteries?

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