Bluetooth piracy is a senior Tesla chez

A Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) file can be exploited … with a very convincing demo. A group of Russian search engines to launch a Tesla Model 3, but also to start.

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The screens are securely disassembled at which point a Tesla tube is easily blown in order to allow a flywheel to block the interior and then start the car, which is a supercharger. Sultan Qasim Khan, security consultant for the NCC Group, a démontré la technique, consisting of reorganizing communications on the smartphone or the carte d’accès d’un propriétaire de Tesla et la voiture.

In the course of the demonstration, the seeker uses two small apparatus capable of relaying communications without a wire, which does not cost around $ 100 in total and can be easily accessed online. Connecting to a smartphone or card and neck is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) service. The protocol has been completely exploited by the past. In 2020, for example, search engines will create a file that transmits information sent to an appliance, with the suppressed authentication phase guaranteeing authenticity.

In the Tesla case, the cherries were used «attacked by link layer relays»(Connection level relay attack). NCC Group specialists can also check, start and run cars, but also check and open some intelligent servers. Now globally, the problem is not specific to Tesla: Tout Vehicule that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for son system without clé serait vulnerable and cette attaque.

Pas facile τα exploiter

With certainty, material price $ 100. It takes advantage of everything that accesses the Bluetooth device or the key-port / proprietary card. The nefarious suffixes are used to propel the Tesla vehicle and then press it to exploit the fault.

The fleets move in tandem, one that rests near the owner, the other near the car. A device connected to the web by means of relaying signals, since the proprietor is on the vehicle. It utilizes contouring protects habituals against attacks, even operating at a level below the level of the Bluetooth protocol.


If your perimeter security system, which is the case with Tesla cars, allows you to activate an additional authentication stage. Both Model 3 and Model Y can be replaced by a PIN code (PIN to Drive) which must be rented to start the vehicle.

Tesla’s being in the current of this security failure and not having to wait until a correct deploy. In part, you will be able to test what you can do to get your vehicle ready.

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Tesla Model 3 Propulsion (2022)

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