Bitcoin à terre et DOGE sur la lune – Elon Musk met the crypto-lone dog on track

A shiba in space; – Elon Musk s’interesse beaucoup à Bitcoin (BTC), but this is sour shiba de Dogecoin (DOGE) dont il is totally fan. This mémecoin has the potential to import more than one billion dollars like a Accepted DOGE for Tesla souvenir shop in January 2022. It is the only green space for the boutique SpaceX.

Dogecoin in the stars with Elon Musk and SpaceX

Quand Elon Musk announced in December 2021 that it was poured buy Tesla and Dogecoin vehicles, il ne plaisantait (presque) pas. Un mois plus tard, on pouvait effectively efficiency acheter un quad pour infantelectric and Tesla sign – thanks to DOGE. Ou encore une boucle of paintingou un σιφλέand other small objects of marketing.

May 27, 2022, this rebel, but also with the aerospace company of the billionaire engineer. Elon Musk with an effect announcement on his Twitter account that the boutique de SpaceX serait bientôt, elle aussi, open over payments in Dogecoin.

«Tesla’s marketing products can be purchased with DOGE, which also makes its way into SpaceX. »

Fill out the Twitter @elonmusk

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Internet for satellite payment en mèmecoin à tête de shiba?

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has been pushing for more money. When you want to pay for your internet network subscribers δορυφορική Starlink in Dogecoin, Elon Musk responds (presque) by positive :

«Peut-être un jour. »

Ο Έλον Μασκ αποδοχή-t-il Dogecoin pour Starlink également?
Fill out the Twitter @elonmusk

L’annonce eu un petit et rapide (et bref) effet de pump on the course of DOGE. Celui-ci is the passé des environs from 7.7 cm from the dollar 9 cents, the space of a small hour after the lightning. With the ability to reduce resilience and stabilize at least $ 0.08.

The fact that cryptosphere is common à etre custom to Elon Musk effective tweets for his crypto-toutou beloved. The billionaire does not have the imagination to pour les applications du mèmecoin. Dans le cadre du rachat from Twitter by Elon Musk, Dogecoin has been evacuated to combat spam bots and other components that pull on the social network in blue.

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