Bitcoin: a channel that allows you to endure patience

After making a complicated debut, marked notation by a long channel stage for Bitcoin to be trapped in the base, it is still holding some semen at the $ 28,500 level. Qu’attendre by the suite; Which are the key levels; Discover the ensemble in this new analytical analysis!

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Point on the macro

Taux US à 10 years

Taux US à 10 years, weekly.

US rates up to 10 years are usually obtained after a rally of several seminars. This is an important point to take into account, in the limit or course of cryptocurrencies is a risk-taking route. There is a lack of interest in these latter, and the only difference in obtaining good performance is that we also know the course of the last 2 years.

Levels that are monitored at US rates of 10 are 2.5 and 2.75%, respectively, which are drawn at the same time as or drawn from these lines, and all of which are equal to 3.25% and in 2018.

DXY (Dollar Currency Index)

The DXY fails, a prompt for risk-taking marches;
DXY, Weekly

If you have this guide, you will find that it appeals specifically to this sign. It is especially pertinent to the psychology of investors.

Also, the DXY tends to crawl into a gear that runs at risk off, and vice versa. We are flying the approach of this fatal level of 103 points (which we did not touch after 2002) the DXY to return to that level.

I do not think that this means a review of the situation versus a march plus the risk. However, it makes sense to correlate with the recent expansion of US indices.

If you are interested in these elements, you will call our free macro point which you will find more complete information!

Analysis technique

Under the seal cover of American shoes!
Bitcoin, Daily

Τεχνική At a point of no return for Bitcoin. The $ 28,000 – $ 30,000 represent all major technical levels, which can probably be completed by cedar. However, there will be a slower march in at least 1 year, not less than 2021 on the index march. Dtre déjà sur les 28 500 500 ne présage rien de bon.

Which one at a time, the levels of which are relatively clear:

  • The $ 34,000 – $ 36,000 representing a proprietary level. It is located in the value zone, to maintain the level on which 70% of the exhausts are concentrated. We also work several times in these levels where support is provided on the ground, or deviated from it to serve desperate resistance. It can be interesting to find your positions on these levels, depending on the average.
  • The $ 23,000 representing a level on which we owe a volume increase, which means consistent car ous avons congested during those days on those levels after the $ 20,000 crop in December 2020.

The blue zone represents a level on which the volumes are visible, and, by extension, the potentially elevated volatility.

The volume as well as the volume, the volumes are faulty. A kind of series, we aurons probably a great volatility.

Explosive without scope!
Bitcoin, H4

À plus short term, ie in 4h, we clear flights that this range reacts very well to the profile volume.

Les VAL (Value Area Low) and VAH (Value Area High), notes as well as the traits bleached responsibly. The Value Area is located between these two terminals, and represents the level at which 70% of the volume is exhausted during this period.
The tenor level is expected to reach $ 29,300. It also has the control point of the Control Point (PoC) of the range as well as the mobile means short term and MA100. The MA100, as it were, reacts several times at such speeds that dynamic resistance, passing through it receives a first accelerator signal, a rib with success at these levels we receive a higher signal.

Order flow

Weekly tumor profile

A gap between 32 000 and 34 000 very visible, volatility in view!
Weekly tumor profile

The Weekly Volume Profile is a product that uses the use of particles. Our voyons ici chaque bougies hefteμαδιαία, as a graphic plus conventionnel, but not Rajoutons à ça le Volume Profile.

Also, our flights are very clear in the volume range of our parlors by default between $ 32,000 and $ 34,000.

These lower semens are marked by very spaced hepatic spheres, with a resting Value Area. This does not result in the amplifier being reversed during an explosive movement, which is either home or base.


Dissection of the last buckets!
Imprint, 12H

It facilitates the construction of low-cost aircraft at the base of the Low Value Area, which is repetitively aggressive, the aggregates being completely absorbed by the accelerators. We are still working with the end of this bougainvillea and its 9 million offers that have been completely racketed to reintegrate the Value Area.

These pieces are particularly visible at the footprint, and are intended for this tool in particular.

Financial data

Open interest

The speculators are replacement in a green range!
Open interest in Bitcoin

Το L’Open Interest a very cleverly suite at the base of this debut. We return to the levels that we did not have in our aircraft until 2021, when the correction. From time to time, in the course of this canal is very green in which we actually act, the interventions being replaced in the optics of a moving motion. Enclosing a coil, this accumulation of intervenors, probably placed with the lever, forced or crooked even in a very volatile type.

Causative of a Potential Moving Haussier;
Open interest rate and Bitcoin financing rate

If you have a small amount of money, you can also visit the Open Interest, which is normally the course of a hauss movement. Neemmoins, this recent jambere hambuier symbol plus measured, and the intervenors at least inclined to sort the lever. This large interval is likely to be used by any interveners, being part of the other part of the channel.


Options and impact in addition
Source: CoinOptionTrack

Options are a very important element to account for in cryptocurrency trading. On the one hand, they can offer very well-suited (and very consistent) benefits to both uses, other parts having an impact that is not negligible on the course.

Ainsi, he monitors the important currencies that arrive in the seminal environments, and the most important one is reached by June 24, when about 82 000 bitcoins arrive and expire. This movement deviates from one part, creating volatility, from other parts, avoiding influence over the price. The maximum price for Le Max Pain is $ 35,000. The maximum value of pain is remarkable from the graphs, car souvenirs and clothes with their approach. This price is susceptible to flushing and measuring as we approach the expiration date.

Données on the chain

Bitcoin Net Realized Profits / Losses

A small prize pool, but no profit prize? ..
Bitcoin Net Realized Profits / Losses

In which the graphs of the realized profits or perturbations are realized. In short, under a machine, the operation of operators is probably sorted in panic. These peaks of peas realized are synonymous with local bottom synonyms as we can see them in two rehearsals, all like the peaks of profits realized are generally synonyms of the top local.

Accumulation, distribution

The tendency is to distribute ...

We also fly a graph indicating Bitcoin entrants or exchangers. After several days, bitcoins tend to return massively on exchanges, which is generally not a sign. The bitcoins exchanged are generally accumulated at the same time in a hardware wallet (type catholic) as the bitcoins enter the exchange platforms and are generally redesigned for sale. Taking into account this practice is interesting notation from a point of view of the psychology of interveners. Recently, there is no immediate effect or effect on the delivery of bitcoins on the platforms. Can the interveners follow a pump that allows them to be sorted out at a slower price?

The operators are located seriously in the coil

The panic strikes the plunder of the interveners!

To put it another way, the graph of Καθαρά Μη Πραγματοποιημένα Κέρδη και Ζημίες can be seen if the interveners are plotting on the water or plotting to make a profit on their Bitcoin investment. We can see that the key can be reached even if we do not immediately enter the capitulation stage (which generally arrives after a predetermined movement, a general panic). This graphic gives us an indication of the stage of the psychology of the actors of the march. A panic attack flooded the pool.


This article is for assembling the pieces of the puzzle in order to add them to each other. The economic conjuncture does not facilitate the expansion of cryptocurrencies, following the alts. In a risk-off context, it is different for performers. However, it is thought that the march is not when it debuts in terms of time, at least in terms of price. You see, because Bitcoin does not make much sense when it comes to the price of the most bass, but it is the most expensive way to get the most out of it. -50% remains very far away is possible (which is not enormous when it comes to cryptocurrency), and it is totally logical to favor DCA in your investments. Next, be careful what investments you make in order to get the most out of it.

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