Bios fractions flowing from the source of a hepatitis epidemic to the United States and Canada

Santé authorities were identified in at least 17 cases of hepatitis which were auspiciously caused by the consumption of bios fractions located on a large surface.

After making your debut in April, several morehepatitis A. inexplicably being apparatus aux United States et au Canada. In total, the environment exists 17 people stakeholders.

In addition, epidemiological data are not limited to those fraises bios sereient very sure at the origin of infections.

Des infections congenital tombs

LARGE’hepatitis A. est une maldie infectieuse aiguë du foie gras, which can provoke symptomatic bruises on contaminated patients. It manifests itself generally by abdominal doubles, nausea, a jaundice as well as a strong fiber. Les symptoms durent generally at least 2 months.

The US Food and Drug Administration is investigating a possible link between an outbreak of hepatitis A and fresh organic strawberries.https: //

– CNN (@CNN) May 30, 2022

Sur les 17 cases repertoires in the United States and Canada, one douzaine de malades ont dû être hospitals à αιτία of a precursor state of health.

Des fraises bios seraient υπύθυνοι

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the hepatitis epidemic A pourrait will be due to biological freezes of brands FreshKampo et ΕΒΡlarge sales.

One enquête The FDA’s course is determined to determine the authenticity of the origin of these cases of hepatitis A.

Recommendations of satée authorities

Les health authorities Americans and Canadians in conjunction with persons possessing the phrases of these brands of jeter.

Similarly, the FDA recommends staff unvaccinated against hepatitis A, which can consume these fractions, de consultant a doctor au plus vite.

The FDA, along with the CDC, Canada, the state and local partners, are investigating a multicultural hepatitis A epidemic in the US and Canada that may be linked to fresh organic strawberries called FreshKampo & HEB, purchased between March 5 and April 25. . https: / /

– US FDA (@US_FDA) May 28, 2022

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