Banknote versus digital dollar activity

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Foi de Banquiers, le “FedCoin” is a risk program. As a good monetary institution in the world, the US Federal Reserve has studied the possibilities of issuing central bank digital currency (MNBC). A catastrophic scenario according to the actors of the banking industry.

“Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to count the US dollar, because the dollar is a digital remote control.” It’s the parce trait d’esprit que Rob Morgan, senior vice president of Innovation and Strategy at the Association of American Banks (ABA), quoted in the Fed’s letter. The document consists of 24 numbered pages and argues the numerical risks posed to the banking system by a digital currency just emitted by the central bank.

Apart from the fact that this relationship is profoundly modified between the consumers and the monetary institution, transforming the private agent into a public silver, the banknotes being almost all for their chapel. Αυτοκιντο’s being blindfolded in this event Operation Change. The decisions of the Federal Reserve are not duplicitous and do not necessarily affect the effects.

“I MNBC pours out a variety of risks and wants to import policy questions, notably commenting on spraying the structure of the financial sector, the credit and the availability of credit, the security and the effective efficiency of the policy” how many times the new Fed reports on financial stability.

Other than that, the official digital dollar arrangement above the central bank substitutes mechanically on the deposits of trading banks. Clients, abandoning their traditional banter accounts, put under pressure the availability of credit and augmented the stock for their managements, undertakings and Governments.

Bank against bank

“Deposits are among the sources of the most stable financing of banks, for which banks have a fair competition”, concluded the VP of the American banking association. “On the other hand, these deposits indicate that the financing rates of the banks are higher than the financing rates of the banks”.

Importance that can be attached to an elevated temperature setting. At the end of the year 2021, bank deposits amounted to US $ 16,900 billion in foreign currency deposits and spreads on their balance sheets, which accounted for 71%.

Banks of all kinds contained on these deposits to finance their operations. Most volatiles, in most cases, all of which deposit accounts are converted into digital currency on the central bank wallet, with the sector accounting for 71% of its financing. It is evident that this field can be combined by other sources of return.

“Cell does not increase only after the banks’ financing rates, but modifies their active / passive lending and, consequently, all the model of banking operations as well as their maximum capacity”, BA.

Comment on commercial banks for concurring against a government institution that “imprints” the agent without counting? In reverse, do the central banks allow and measure these inertia and the effect on the real economy? How to reduce the velocity of the deposits due to which the balance sheet? Σχολιάστε ενθάρρυνση in these sources of funding and suffocation?

Ορισμένοι crypto-enthuse enthusiasts volunteering for an alternative, intermediate and informatically programmed monetary currency. Mais, cela, c’est un autre sujet.


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