Auto Assurance: is the vignette really on the paired blade suppressed?

the essential
The safety vignette which is fitted to the windshield wiper is provided separately.

This is a habitual habit of 36 years which will pour disparate. The assurance attestation, which is made of green paper, which arrows on the parser of its vehicle at all sides, for rapid acceleration of the anchor history. These are the suppliers that are in demand. The talks are on track with the Ministries of Economy, Transport and Interior.

“At the time, it all came to a head for a fight against non-insurance. But we have all the means to simplify the life of the French and improve the fight against the cold,” he said. Paris Franck Le Vallois, general manager of France Assurers, the federation of 247 French insurance companies.

The ordering force has a verifying effect in the Ficier of assembled vehicles (FAV), indicating the immatrication plate, whether the vehicle being controlled is assured or not. This file has been created in 2016 and the gendarmes and police officers have already arrived in 2019. All new vehicles assured will be inscribed in the 72 hours.

For suppliers, pressing the vignette really represents a real source of savings. 50 million insurance certificates are printed annually. This paper is saved with the stamps that come with it.

A decree must be published to authorize the suppression of the paper vignette. But for all suite a new government should take shape. In addition to the published decree, the insurers tend to “prepare the sprites” of their customers having to suppress to make the petite vignette truly secure.

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