these options that allow you to preserve your capital

The floor guarantee is automatically included in a quarter of the life insurance contracts on the market, and as an option in the others. Adobe Stock On your life insurance contract, several mechanisms, billed most of the time, offer you the possibility of securing your initial capital. For those who do not want to take … Read more

How to replace the fund in euros in life insurance?

Question to an expert What are the alternatives to euro funds in life insurance? Life insurance funds in euros may seem irreplaceable for savers seeking yield and security. However, its constituent triptych – an attractive return, a capital guarantee and the permanent availability of funds – is an economic incongruity. This has now been brought … Read more

Health Insurance For Seniors – The Preferred Choice

Some Medicare members are unhappy with their health care coverage. They enrolled in Medicare mistakenly believing that it would cover all of their health and medical expenses. They have not only been disappointed when hearing that many products and services are not covered but have also been left in financial trouble because of it. Recently, … Read more

Life insurance, stock market, bitcoin… How to protect your savings from the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is shaking the financial markets. What are the risks for your savings and how to react? Decryption. Day 7. As the Russian offensive continues in Ukraine, Western countries increase economic sanctions against the Kremlin. The results were not long in coming. After 5 days following the start of hostilities, the ruble … Read more

What Is Insurance?

As we know one way of risk prevention is to insure a risk to the insurance company. This method is considered the most important method in tackling risk. Therefore many people think that risk management is the same as insurance. Though the actual circumstances are not so. Insurance means the insurance transaction, which involves two … Read more

Switch must stop selling insurance

The FSMA, the Belgian authority which regulates the financial sector, prohibits the reseller of Apple Switch to sell insurance. The ban follows a complaint by Test Achats, which has received hundreds of customer complaints. Non-compliance with the rules Switch Holding must immediately stop selling insurance: the financial market supervisory authority, the FSMA, has banned the … Read more