Attorney Emmanuel Pierrat undergoes a disciplinary procedure – Liberation

The Paris Advocate is scheduled for November through a disciplinary procedure of the Council of the Paris Bar Association. On the one hand, “Liberation” uses the timing to detect a “skin climate” on its cabinet.

An après l’enquête de Release, who created the conditions of work that were described by a lawyer of the collaborators of the lawyer Emmanuel Pierrat, the Council of the Paris Bar Association confirming, on condition, that a decision was taken by the lawyer. The butler of the order, Me Julie Couturier, also confirmed the opening by his predecessor, Me Olivier Cousi, of this procedure, without specifying which are the targets.

«Affinity for compensating for inactivations and / or for avoiding the diffusion of erroneous information, with the necessary paradigm of public rendering of objective objects related to existence, non-existence or aurocided»a justifié la bâtonnière.

Manicure arrangements

In a public inquiry par Release in february 2021, a vingtaine of persons having worked beyond the advocate creating a climate of smoke, fumes and heat exerted by their employer, and apparently unrequited love. A source close to the file indicated that the order was opened after its debut in November 2021 following this disciplinary procedure for subscriptions «Manquements» by Me Pierrat à «All the Essential Principles of Profession»but also for one “Management method” pouvant «S’apparenter à du harcèlement».

There is no procedure given for the nomination of an instructor who pronounces his or her instrument in order to obtain the formation of a member of the Council. Cell can be relaxing advocate or pronouncing sanctions alleviating the urge to exercise or radiation.

Advocate, novelist, essayist and art collector, defending many personalities of the Culture world, including Gabriel Matzneff, accused of pedophilia, and Edouard Louis, or even of the plasticizer Louis and Edouard declassified. Il aussi défendu l’ex-ecologist Denis Baupin, accused of sexual violence.

Many inquiries have been published recently on the occasion of lawyers and jurists in the cabinets, in the instruction of the account «Balance ton cabinet of lawyers». In Janvier, Release publish also inquire on the cabinet of lawyers Lexing: obsessive control of salads, extravagant powers, intimidation With a collage of collars, anchors or actuators of the structure, descriptive, out of «Climate of land».


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