At the tribunal, Johnny Depp irritated by the rhythm imposed by his ex-female lawyers

Actor Johnny Depp is apparently soured irritated by the rhythm imposed by one of his ex-female advocates, who adjusts the interpolation and presses of the plus-fold face, in the frame of the buttons against Amber Heard, σουίτα trib a tribune in the lake or the conjugated devil.

The confusion over the hearing of the proceedings, even in the Fairfax tribunal, near the American capital, is the long-winded dream of passing weapons between lawyers.

Johnny Depp’s legal team, a large competition for the necessity of private messages, is entrenched in the actor and his processes, which the defense of the other side tends like the dossier.

Among other elements in charge, Benjamin Rottenborn, represented by Amber Heard, 36, presenter of the jury for the title of the magazine that details the alcohol abuse of the star of “Pirate des Caraïbes”.

Married during two conjunctions, the conjunctures occur mutually in differentiation of this process, very quiet and partially retransmitting on the American information channels.

In addition to Amber Heard being created in 2016, an ordinance interdisciplinary with its ex-marrow approach of at least 100 meters, M. Rottenborn sailed for the actor to present the public signature γιος ex- women for porter plain.

In one case, the respondent avoids being constituted by the constructor that “as soon as the counter (lui) does not arrive”.

In the text, published in 2018 by the Washington Post, Amber Heard does not refer to the name Johnny Depp, but even the deviant accusations converged that were made against him in 2016.

The last week, the 58-year-old actor assured he would avoid “all” of the causes of the violence of his ex-wife, trying to convince the jurors that he was, on the contrary, holding the couches.


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