astronomical invoice for a charge

The Chinese owner of a Tesla Model 3 was the victim of a bug, demanding around 550,000 euros for his vehicle reloads.

The Chinese owner of a Tesla avecu a cauchemar peu commun ce 5 mars, sans même être au volant de son vehicule! As reported by the CnEVPost site, the home, having a Model 3, has an absolute astronomical charge invoice: 608 700 dollars, suite 557 800 euros !

Any attempt to recharge your car will, in effect, receive an alert on your phone. This is the latest notification you can not get plus using the Austin company Supercharger as it does not return not regulated by invoice. The hegemony of a heuristic bug in dorsaux systems certain vehicles. This confirms the customer service, affirming that the technicians are the same punched on the problem.

As soon as the owner of the vehicle concerned the company avoids being recharged for the same deck as the Model 3 or 27… pendant 20 minutes. The symbol, of the plus, which benefits from minutes with free charging since September 6 last.

Tesla viktima errors

Tesla bugs are not especially specially rare. Save available products and products available in the American Construction app… 0.00 euros! This is all suite plus all you have to do is save 50 550,000! It turns out that there is a bug.

At least drills, the rappelling of vehicles are also regulated. Recommendation, this is one bug on the speedometer which drives the rappelling of about 50 000 Model 3 products between 2018 and 2022. This will last in effect not the unit of measurement.

It’s all semantics, that’s one hood problem which builds the ramp of Model S and Model 3, in France notation. The hood swells effectively s’ouvrir à cause vibrations, à high speed. All about vehicles from 2014 to 2021, pr demsd’un demi-million out-Atlantic and 100 000 in China.

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