AS Saint-Etienne, Jacques Vergès, the terrorist Carlos … Confessions of lawyer André Buffard on his terrible course

Rendu celebre malgré lui in the annals 80 in the world of Saint-Etienne football complex, André Buffard is one of the most prominent French penalty takers and the advocate of international footballers. Notes by Jacques Vergès, who defended highly perforated accusations, such as assassins or terrorists. With a “wonderful” distance …. Rencontre

« This concept gives me an old peu », Repousse, d’emblée, Maître André Buffard, present present as being the« tenor »of the barrier of Saint-Etienne. This renowned criminal advocate is advocating for clients to be defended. Some are not sure about the relevance, such as the adjutant-chef Stephanois Pierre Chanal (main suspect in the affair of Mourmelon’s champagne), the physician Jean-Claude de Romand (with his first fame to be suicidal το 1993), or encore the Venezuelan terrorist Carlos And André Buffard is also a client carnet replay in the world of football. This is a sport that literally propels your career.

Which is better than the service of others who are advocates, or on par for other?

In Saint-Etienne, where your parents only had an epic, the study of the Jesuits in Saint-Michel, in 1066, at the faculty of the one who opened the gates. The farmer intends to carry out this measure. « Je ne suis pas devenu avocat par hasard. J’ai fait ce choix très tôt. Je rêvais d’être avocat, de plaider et, naturellement, c’est au penal que cela se passe. I know what I want from my education. The Jesuits are more likely to be loved by others. Which is better than the service of others who are advocates, or on par for others? » they are all about the idealistic youth. “Reality is a different thing, but it does not matter. I made my debut three years ago, and it’s my fault that I was sent to work ire», Sourit-il.

The graduation of the necessary diplomas in Lyon and the debut of Maître Michel Moulard, among other young debutants, with whom they organize a form of solidarity. « A couple of times, the material is still a caste. You can find lawyers in Saint-Etienne. Arrival of several young people, except for the faculty, should not be accessed by women who are in place. C’est vrai qu’on a été un peu malmenés », Follower Maître Buffard.

Sailonne alors la France in the frame of his apprenticeship and cruise, on the course of his travels, Maître Emile Pollak, grand marshal penalist. « Il m’a appris beaucoup de choses. And beyond humility. This is a simple and very accessible home. This huge lawyer avit, lui-aussi, the souci of others and the sending of design. Lorsque is the opposite, it is very complex and inhibited. Mais Pollak is definitely a franchise for this stage to get my confiance. »It is advisable to avoid plaid with them in different cases. « It is a complex part of which is a great master. I take it easy to get rid of complexes… A plonger et devenir avocat, tout simplement. »

With the debut of 80 years, Maître Buffard entered the Council of Administration of AS Saint-Etienne. In 1981, the club announced the “la caisse noire” affair. A sum of 20,000 francs, issued by the football club boutique, service to pay for non-declared jewelers. Advocate before taking part in these reviews. « I am about to return to the head of a movement that hardened the grand president of the era, Roger Rocher. At this time, ASSE is the largest French media club. This affair caused an enormous scandal, with the following repercussions »Se remémore-t-il.

Involved in this affair present in one of the most enduring media, André Buffard is the most up-to-date propulsion. « All of them, without a doubt, the most personal media such as which are opposed to the practices that create courses at this time », Analysis-t-il with the recul. The traveler 18 months of menace, and pressure, with difficult. « When this little internal revolution breaks out, it does not seem to have all the pattern that it takes. There is no ambition to take the place of the president in place. Mostly, football is passionate! Cela va être très douloureux, car beaucoup de concitoyens me détesteront.»

J’ai été confronté à la haine

Mais, malgré la rudesse du moment, l’epreuve va lui servir de leçon. « J’ai été confronté à la haine. I discovered it all with stupéfaction. Mais cela va m’endurcir beaucoup, car j’aurai à affronter des foules hostiles. Which is why it works almost all the way through most of the time in the exercise of my material »Ironise l’avocat.

Le encore football. Maître Buffard becomes the specialist in contract negotiation between clubs and renowned international players like Michel Platini, Dominique Rocheteau or Eric Cantona. « After the ASSE episode, I’ve been very busy, honing, resting in that middle. Finding love relationships with a certain number of people. At this time, there are practically no junction agents present at the charge of the carrier. I accept the demand of their suras for their affirmations. From the beginning, it is finally intended to negotiate contracts for a large number of players. Also for some clubs who are mandated to make transfers », Biographical-t-il.

As an advocate, the collage with a confluence of sulfurous reputation, mother Jacques Verges. It notes that during the direct action process, a terrorist group originated in the environment 80 attempts between 1979 and 1987. « I do not know what to do with it, I do not give it during annuities. It has a brilliant Intelligence, a name of great Culture. One of the biggest talent advocates, along with the defense team. »

A nouveau, il apprend. « Jacques Verges certainly convinced me of the experience. If you do not feel it, it will all be covered, so that it is as thick as it is. I do not care about the fact that the magistrates take care of the things that are different and that everything is perfect. This is what appeals to the rupture strategy. »

In France, the number of attorneys as well as their clients, having marked the history of justice, are their number. Lawyers like Olivier Metzner, François La Phuong, André Soulier, Eric Dupond-Moretti … more women. « Il y en a beaucoup aujourd’hui », Correct Buffard. « The fact that most people are still celebrities is a great injustice. At the bar, there are a lot of women like men, with a lot of great talents. Culture is the machinist of this profession – and of what it pays – because, long time, it does not speak like “tenors”. Fallait avoir une voix. In a sense, the current advocates are mediators in one of the media, other than the ones, which are mostly useful in past years. »

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Maître André Buffard answered the question “fort minable”

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Maître André Buffard’s perfumes defuse frequent clients. « It’s confess, efficiency, to prevent people from calling back the terrorist Carlos (pseudonym Ilich Ramirez Sanchez), in a journal from Paris, to talk to him. It does not force the dossier, but also its adventure, its motivations, and the geopolitical position that leads to its actions. »

The role of the lawyer is not beyond the reach of his client, this is the defense

A special souvenir in the garden. « This is a fascinating character, which speaks for itself, with a huge culture. In order to be defensive, you must save the distance relative to one that defenses. But there is a part of fascination or sympathy.»

Resume all its principle of operation. « The role of the lawyer is not beyond the reach of the client, but at the defense. »Mais il n oublie pas qu’il aussi defendu des gens τρομεροί. Post a big message: « Do not overdo it because no one will defend you because you can buy them! »

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