Are Tesla co-operative tropes expensive to repair?

Repair a cheap Tesla. Not to mention Porsche, but more than just premium brands to be driven by means of one of the figures compiled by SRA, the Insurance & Repair Association.

Les Tesla generally benefits from an excellent price-prestige relationship. Do you have enough time to drive these models even if they are too hot in case of accidents and necessary repairs? This suggests data compiled by SRA (Automotive Safety & Repair), an Association that publishes annually classifying repair kits by brand of collision bearings.

Χωρίς έκπληξη, the classification shows that premium brands are the ones that pay the most for this type of repairs: you will not be able to save money if you have to repair your Porsche in the event of an accident. As with a Volkswagen, a Citroën or a Dacia with less than 100% of fixed brands (with 97.5, 95.2 or 80.6% respectively of the repair price), a Porsche average 231.9% of the average repair value. The maximum number of coats on this level does not exceed that Tesla with a fixed coin at 161.1% of the traveling average. Elle devance ainsi Mercedes (129.5%) and BMW (115.8%).

Beware of aux chocs

Bref, the faudra take care of the chokes to avoid significantly sensing your budget over your Tesla flywheel. Note that it comes from the same source, a large Tesla Model X seamlessly moving more than once to repair a Porsche Cayenne! On the contrary, the Dacia, Suzuki and other Toyota have at least four repairs.

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