Anti-gaspi recipe, fan kitchen

Πλουσιο σε βιταμίνες C, en fer et en sels mineralox, elles fermentation autant of nutrients that legumes eum-memes, voire plus.

On any issue of organic or agricultural products, and all fragrant. The fans must be straight and swinging quickly after the march and others do not retain any of the details of radii, carrots, etc.

Wash and dry before use, in revenge you can not move the congeals, to reverse the shutters that will be used to make a bucket. In the work that takes care of the rest of the kitchen – and the pain, the rice, and the abused fruits! – Natacha Mouton, also author of the blog « The small kitchen of Nat “, Proposes a similar example a cream of carrot fans at the bottom of the rite, an omelette on the fans and on the ham or an tempura on the vertices of new nails and beds. Good appetite !


> Ma petite kitchen anti-gaspi, by Natacha Mouton. ed. Eyrolles

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