Android after the first prototype of Google springs placards

Le tout premier appareil commercialize Android and HTC G1, the name of the HTC Dream in France in March 2009. Can you save the market, will Google use the pilot program to build frames for the right hardware? If the response is not, go to Google Sooner.

The Google Sooner // Source: techformative557 on Reddit

At s’approche tout doucement des 15 and d’Android. Google boosted its 15th generation boot system in November and saw a prototype of the Pixel 7 make its apparition on eBay recently, the urge to replicate it instantly in Google’s material history. Et si l’on remonte assez loin dans le temps, comme le propose AndroidPolice, in a flashback avec le tout premier smartphone Android ayant exists… and is not the HTC Dream, which is a strong legacy of the title. It’s the most secret and internally developed app on Google: the Sononer.

The top smartphone à avoir fait tourner Android

Le Sooner is the first premium device to avoid turning on Google OS. With its all-black BlackBerry era, it comes with the latest tactical screens and even the HTC Dream that offers both a keyboard and a touch screen. The Android version of the embargoed phone is radically different from the commercial version and represents the first jet of Google’s future platform. Το Plateforme qui finira comme le leit per couler ses competitors of the epoch hors iOS: Symbian OS, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone και WebOS.

HTC de l’époque PDG’s Peter Chou has admitted in an interview with the prototype and base model of Windows Phone de l’époque: the HTC Excalibur. Android’s originals are not part of Windows Mobile. Concerning the hardware, Sononer responds to the canons of the epoch for the apparatus known for “productivity”. On a regular basis, most BlackBerry phones are dominated by a moment in the “Gamma Haut” segment and by Sooner reproducing these codes and adapting them to a design that spans 2000 years: a d-pad at the center of the alphanumeric keypad. and navigation knobs after which they return to the original knobs to respond to or extend / clear an app.

The touches are retro-shaped, which gives a cool look for the epoch. The low resolution screen will not touch the touch screen, as the inside of the text must be realized without the physical keyboard. A remarkable advantage that is not plus the multitude of modern smartphones était sa compacité. It also offers a prize in the main plutable thanks to the use of polymer.

One approach is different from the trade version

There is also a version of the system that is not available in Jamaica at the same time as the locations of the company and the release of choses on it evolved between the two versions. But at the same time, it complies with most of Google’s intentions since the creation of the OS. It also comes with a concept design such as a functionally functional device, and applications developed for this smartphone serving to demonstrate logic performance. It contains more than one software question as well as hardware.

In place of certain habitual applications like Gmail or Maps that can be found in version 1.0 of Android, you can build many more applications as Quake or another application of the «était était’staen presence . It does not appear on Twitter explicitly and the application icon is represented by a photo of an oasis in the home of someone. Plugging the elements present in the arrangements being complementary to complete the space and not being functionally relevant.

For these specifications, this smartphone does not need to be frustrated by being connected to the device and offering a plug-in technology that maintains horsepower: a SoC Texas Instruments OMAP850 200 MHz single-core (or lamarcaloue), with full LCD screen with 2.43 bags with a definition of 320 × 240 pixels, 64 Mb of RAM and storage, a 960 mAh battery, a 1.3 Mpx camera and a Mini USB recharging port.

If you do not have Wi-Fi à Bord Sur on your phone, you can only receive data from the 2G network which is very rare in most days. The touring software only falls on this first version, as reported in version 1.0 launched later. The range of applications is also radically different.

It is static and allows you to use the d-pad to navigate between the proposed applications that you do not want to change. After the personification, safe for the background of the screen, you deviate with what you want. Staying with the recluse, you can see all the cumin that has been left unattended, but for those who know that this epoch-making or all-new paradise, the American smartphone without a little bit of nostalgia.

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