An article from a reunion quotient reviewing the dangers of RNA messenger vaccines, on the basis of a parametric study;

Question asked on 29 May 2022

You will be interested in the origin of a text displayed on social networks, which does not appear to be a press article, and is presented as a subtitle the Quotidien de la Réunion. Il s’agirait «Do you have a guard in the form of questioning on the terrifying dangers that follow the Pfizer / Modern vacc ARNm vaccines against COVID-19». Le texte, title «Vaccin à RNA messenger: a study of the sound of alarms» se fait l’echo «Of a study, serious and documented extremity, without conflicts of interest of the authors, published on April 15 in ScienceDirect»who reported from «Results by parameter in the official Journal of the Chinese Society of Toxicology (FCT), a review of internationally renowned toxicology» selon lesquels “Sars-CoV-2 RNA m” vaccines “are provocative: the creation of a mRNA is modified to have complex effects but beyond it; the construction of spike proteins; an alteration of innate immunity »etc.

Like the rapid signal of several internals – and a journalist du Quotidien – this text, effect published May 27 in the reunionnais journal, is not a Journal article. This is actually from the “Courier Courier” page. In the printed version, the name of the apparatus is clearly displayed at the top of the page. In the online version, this precision is important.

The study in which it is referred to is known to the readers of CheckNews, our aircraft and aircraft conserved article debuted in May. Online on April 15 at the site of the review editor Food and Chemical ToxicologyThis publication is alarming because of the object of critical criticism, pointing to the essentially speculative nature of the argument, as well as the lack of expertise of the authors at the edge of the case.

In the course of lectures, the publication of a text promoting an article is controversial, without a public perspective, in the Quotidien de la Réunionthe interpellation of a number of interns.

A text that circulates at least one day design

The published courier apparatus was signed by a certain Bruno Bourgeon, a reunion nephrologist. United Nations «Surprised the couriers of the lecturers of Quotidien», as noted in one of the Journals of the headline in an article covering the manifestations against the sanitary pass, as well as the participating medicine. On the other last doors, at least one sign of couriers signed by him has been published on page 2 of Quotidien, carrying on subjects being essentially traced to the question of ecology. Toutefois, the team of CheckNews a été surprising surprise, in this prose, a text that circulates at least a design of days on various Internet sites, represented by another signature.

Except the input of the courier, the sense of the paragrams apparatus in a copied-collided effect of a text signified by a denomination Thibaut Masco, author of a diffused letter on subscription, not condensed “Sea of ​​a text” a magazine de “New alternative affranches of lobbies”. Contact par CheckNewsBruno Bourgeon confirmed the avoidance of repeating the text of “Santé uncensored”, «In adaptation to be a little more than proselyte vis-à-vis of population population reunification. More the Quotidien I do not replicate in detail the text that was transmitted to them, and it is published on the site of my Association. » The nephrologist does not know exactly “I do not like the reviews of this article”. Our precision toutefois “Because when you choose what is not in the mainstream motion, I tend to think that the critics that the derivative will be oriented towards, will be guided by the right people”. Out of contention for sanitary measures, the nephrologist has been convicted in December before the Order of Medicine, but no further sanction has been taken against him – in Bourgeon, “Of a procedure procedure”.

«A reflection engaged on scientific information»

Kevin Bulard, editor-in-chief of Quotidien de la Réunionexplique à CheckNews avoid being informed of the controversy in the course of the journal. «Le Quotidien de la Réunion was created in 1976, in a very specific context, a verified information context. The right was used in all the newspapers, in which they could not find more than the dominant voice – 90% of the reopening of the population, essentially the Creoles, being labeled. This journal has been created specifically for the fight against censorship and, after the debut, on the bat for the freedom of expression. The courier of the readers, this is a space of freedom of expression, and we are very attached. Mostly, this is not without limits. Reduction as a chef, in order to frame the loi: on retouching all couriers which are treated with defamation, on racial incitement, on all forms of discrimination, appeal to violence, etc. C’est ça notre boussole. Lecturers’ couriers are position presses, opinions, which refer to the express book, but which is not reflected in the editorial line of the journal. » Responsive precision que Quotidien «publishes lecturers’ couriers presenting themselves in favor of vaccination… and who also have Valve of stroke samples», Se referent «By the courier of a professor from the University of Réunion who established a link between the quatrains in the DOM, the vaccination rates, and the electricity rates… can be trumpeted. On n’a pas toujours, nous, the scientific knowledge to validate the propositions. We also need the necessary legal knowledge to find out who has the right to pass or not. »

The editor-in-chief avoids saying that on May 30 a courier would expose the criticisms of the article in Food and Chemical Toxicology. «Nous allons le rappeler», nous explique-t-il. Concerning the proposal to solicit an external opinion or the knowledge of scientific reducers on such subjects, Kevin Bulard admat quil «S’agit de debates which ont course in the reduction of Quotidien. Σε eu beaucoup d’éngnges à ce sujet ces derniers temps. The journal organizes a professional salon of health and well-being, and what is the occasion of posing the choses on the table. The effect of the notices is very divergent on the manner of processing the scientific information in the reduction, and it is in a lot of reflection on the comment we allons improving. The last semester and the preceding one, when defending their arguments on the subject, how to give place to the perforated vipers, and at the convenience of posing, and establishing a method. Jusqu’à present, on the Journal of the scientific information and the question of the manner of manners plus general, and on the engagement of the lecturer’s courier in this reflection. Στο est petit journal de presse quotidienne regional. If it is not at the top, it will not be improved. “

The fighters “se servent du journal as a means of propaganda”

The controversy over the weekend is largely due to its reduction Quotidien. Edouard Marchal, syndicated delegate from the SNJ section of the journal, juge «Qu’on ne peut pas laisser propaganda of medical and scientific counterclaims also due to uninvolved. The reply which consists of the fact that the whole has been published in the courier of the lecturers can not be satisfied. The responsibility of the editor is to control the editorial content. It goes all the way to the reading room, where it is placed on page 2 as it is, and which is enriched in a photo… » I am esteemed by others as “The Courier Courier page is, indisputably, cynically used by anti-vaccine militants, who serve the journal as a propaganda tool.”

The present controversy «Suite with a certain number of reserves that we also know how to express on the editorial line, and on the face that does not treat the movements εχθρική in the vaccine. In a department where you’s low on vaccination rates below the national average, it’s a pity that we’s having a vigilante accrual. Some of us do not have specialized journals, we do not have access to all the necessary Scientific Culture to cover these subjects, but we do not want to go through the process of verification and declaration of information. It makes the abscess f the favor of this case. You can choose which one you want to replicate, of course, so as not to react too much to all these questions, because there are no volumes that create tension between the divergent notices during the reduction. Mais aujourd’hui, je pense qu’on ne peut plus se taire: c’est notre reputation à nous, rojnameγράφοι, qui est salie aujourd’hui. On pass for branquignols in public this genre of texts »concludes Edouard Marchal.


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