Affair of Mathieu Hocquet: defense attorneys requesting an out-of-court hearing before the national jury in cold cases

Mathieu Hocquet’s death affair is not an ordinary affair. After a non-lease in 2005 for commissions in 1999, after a reversal of judicial information in 2017, after four arrests from the following year, a process before the other processes that took place before the court Nièvre appeals departments since March 21, with three protagonists of this affair. Defense attorneys do not end up with one of the appellate “anomalies” of the inquiry and instruction.

What happened to Grand Orme in the night of July 12-13, 1999? The death of Vierzonnais Mathieu Hocquet revealed before the Court of Appeal of Nièvre

Car, ce lundi, at the end of matinee, exclusive start: the course of the appeal offices of Niuevre is opened with the help of lawyers. In general, those interviewing at the end of the audience and preceding the delisting of professional jurors and magistrates, in order to deliver their verdict.

The national jurisdictional classroom in the cold-case, created March 1 in Nanterre

Defense attorneys have long been accused of plotting to release the three accused and, after all, the’s death’s affair with Mathieu Hocquet, leading the national jury to a one-off turn. , created last March 1 in Nanterre,

The young man égé é’s epoch of 22 years avait étété retrove, sans vie, on 13 July 1999 at matin, gisant in a fossé along the course of Bidauderie à Vierzon, the very despereà fraca. Advocates are also plentiful, plus surprisingly, in the case of refusal of renown before jurisdiction given in cold cases, with subsidiary titration, renunciation of proceedings, pure and simple, after the number of demands of appellant cases Driss Belkhouribchia (44 years old) and Bouchaïb Mohib (43 years old).

The three men were respectively condensed before the Cher Assassination Course, in April 2021, at 18 years of criminal exclusion for the premiere and up to 20 years for the next two, for arrest, in April 2021, at the death of Mathieu Hocquet . Even though the appellant intervenes, contrary to the four protagonists of this affair, Cyril Bourguignon, 46, is 12 years old at the time of the criminal conclusion and whose concurrence is definitive.

Affair of Mathieu Hocquet: the charges ranged from 12, 18 and 20 years of criminal inclusion

Marie-Alix Canu-Bernard is not advocating for Driss Belkhouribchia during the first instance proceedings. The construction of the demers, hasard of the calendar, as an appeal, on March 21. “We have the benefit of being very new to the dossier, which we take into account in a certain number of anomalies, developing the lawyer. Material expertise is done, refined, and malfunctioned, and when it commits itself to malfunction, it becomes a complication. »

A bulb of pile elements, returned to Mathieu Hocquet’s trousers, an unused bulb in any of the ADNs. This pillar element is blonde, it does not belong to Mathieu Hocquet

Advocating the brand name of several parts of the procedure, «a bulb of pile elements, returned to Mathieu Hocquet’s trousers, a bulb, not used, in any of the ADNs. This pillar element is blonde, it does not belong to Mathieu Hocquet ». And the phantom theme, which is the process of passing and having the debut of this novelty, is quoted in the first instance, appearing on the edge of the judicial scene. Lor des assises du Cher, l’an pasté, il n’était pas venu. It is rejected in Morocco by several annuities (pounds plus lumbar region) to avoid purging one ounce of several years from φυλακή for stopping traffic.

Advocating for the blonde from the cheek to the blonde of the theme that does not take place more than before the course of the appeal of Nièvre. “Why should this not be searched?” », Requirement l’avocate. «It may be that the whole aura is given, at least…»

It’s that Me Vincent Chirez, the lawyer of Samir Berkany, a touring car and son, on the absenteeism of this theme, “a coupling of ideal substitution”, an ironic Vincent Bonnefoy. The Advocate General will respond, foot by foot, lengthwise, at the request of defense attorneys. It takes more than 16 hours, when the professional masters of the course are retired, to delve into the numbers demanded by the defense lawyers. In which subtitles, accusations, where the key is given in the last letter, they are required to benefit from all the elements favorable to the constitution of the variety.

Affair Mathieu Hocquet: the course of assemblies within the invisible theme

An other theme is absent

Despite the demands, Me Chirez advertised the level of the name of the topic which, in 2017, was confiscated from the inquisitors, reassuring that his identity would not be revoked. As part of this timing without visas, the researches are repetitive and the judicial information is rotated, debugging on the interpellation of Cyril Bourguignon. This last one is due to the three accused, assists in the glass case of the details.

Me Archibald Celeyron, advocated by Bouchaïb Mohib, completes the interventions of his defenses by exorcising the course by inserting it into another subject, quoted by the court of appeal assemblies having its part rejected venir à la barre.

This theme has been created in the first instance. Send a mail order to send it back. «This is all about Mathieu Hocquet’s collection (NDLR: celle qui travaillait, à l’époque, in Packman Rapid Restoration Warehouse with the victim), l’une des dernières à l’avoir vu à Vierzon ». However, Me Celeyron was another unprofessional criminal affair, which cut the dossier of the death of Mathieu Hocquet, after the death of the ex-patron of Cujas, Thierry Chauvineau, in 2008.

Counter-firearms for restoring attention

Bouchaïb Mohib, in effect, said, in prison, in my febrile, explicitly advocating, “the visit of two gendarmes to enter the Thierry Chauvineau fair”. Advocate on demand, as well as advocate obtained by letter, from the President of the Nièvre Appellate Court, Sami Ben-Hadj-Yahia, who followed this procedure in the case of Mathieu Hocquet. «The engine is empty. But the Advocate General insisted: «il n’existe aucun lien between these two affair. They are parfaitement distinct. Thierry Chauvineau’s affair takes place at the stage of judicial instruction and can not be carried out at the knowledge of the persons found in the courtroom. »Vincent Bonnefoy also responded to all the requests for additional information as well as the release of the three accused.

Return to the original dates of the Thierry Chauvineau fair

Me Godefrin-Ruiz, advocating for Mathieu Hocquet’s mother, is not convinced that “the civil access to Cher’s asset has been accepted by the three accused. Cet arrêt consists of Mathieu Hocquet’s qualifier. However, you do not want to be frustrated if you can get the right pitch so invest in a good capo! »Pour Me Gaëlle Duplantier, the lawyer, among others, by Serge Hocquet,« the criteria for cheating the cold-case police »are not complete. Advocates of civil parties participating with the attorney general in general have the same sentiment which consists in “counting the faults to determine the attentional course of the asset”.

À Nevers, Rémy Beurion

The phantom theme rests on the source of the preoccupations

This is Vincent Chirez, the lawyer of Samir Berkany, who opened the ball to interventions, before the opening of the debates. The President shall specify which of the two quotations shall be based on the scope of the appeal, provided that it does not interfere. Notably, this phantom theme, without being cited, is absent in the first instance, reflected in Morocco by several annuities. The lawyer is not aware of this novelty. The president of the court confirmed that “Moroccan consular service should not touch the subject matter of the quote, even if it does not appear to be present.” Our consulting services are also informed that their passport has not been renewed “. I am interested in the subject of an international mandate, being one of the European Union members. The president’s egalitarian chanting that “Moroccan authorities refuse visibility conference”, for which the course of Assassin’s Creed works even within the subject in question.


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