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This is the story of a quarrel. Militant, professional, friendly. Sylwia Gregorczyk and Michał Wawrykiewicz, two Polish lawyers, who are accustomed to being, at the moment or even retreating before the Supreme Court, on July 23, 2017, in a full manifestation for the index.

→ PORTRAIT. Pologne: Igor Tuleya, juge rebelle malgré lui

He is responsible for Pro Bono (free legal aid) after the British Clifford cabinet since 2006. He is now a 20-year-old expert in public, European, and trade. All in the spring of manifest millimeters, carrying spark plugs, triggering «Cons-ti-tu-tion! Cons-ti-tu-tion! ».

Triomphe online

The following states: “Quell foul! It does not claim that the independence of justice is a popular topic. We do not advocate what we advocate, what aircraft we chose to inform the population, and to prevent the judicial system from scrolling »se rappelle Sylwia Gregorczyk.

Three years later, the so-called “Wolne Sądy” (“Tribunaux libres”), collector’s collection of two other advocates were united, and who joined in the form of a foundation. Locations are only a few minutes’ walk from the center of Warsaw, on the fifth floor of an immovable property, divided into two apartments. An Overview of Michał Wawrykiewicz’s Cabinet. The bottom of the bearing to pass through the corner of the ONG.

After his debut, Michał Wawrykiewicz launched an idea. Why not invent some of the specifics in the scene in the diffuse metering courts on the Internet, illustrating that pouring out a judicial system beyond the executive? Plutos that use the two in auster textures, the comparisons on the screenwriter, director and actors.

A video shows the example of a car accident in which a conductor is left to a politician, with this question: do you arouse the right to a process that is just and effective in the introduction of the system? Meme demonstration, in the case of domestic violence. Two cases in which pre-litigants were present, following the lawyers of “Wolne Sądy”.

From fiction to reality

As the communication will search the citizens in their centers of interest. All analogies are good. Ils profit from the Euro of football to install in which the violation of the new rules in the game. The videos were the buzz, several hundredths of a millimeter of voice, which costumes costumes of actors, artists, writers, animators of television shows, and even the Nobel Prize for Literature Olga Tokarczuk. Featuring romantic comedy parodies, or rap clips. Leur’s audience explodes. But Michał Wawrykiewicz prefers: their engagement to a price. «J’ai perdu beaucoup de clients»se souvient-il.

→ DÉBAT. Pologne: does the European right do the same thing as the national right?

Returned for a year, fiction and reality. The whirlwinds revisited in serious chos from this year 2018, when the commune government rolls over the presidency of the Supreme Court in retrospect. More than a handful of justifiables in color are clamped to their door. Aujourd’hui, “Wolne Sądy” defenses a quintaine of fairs, parmi lesquels 17 jugs in the collimator of the government.

The team builds a dozen of them before the Court of Justice’s, with each winning a key. «Το 2019, nous avons passé notre temps à Bruxelles», biography of Sylwia Gregorczyk. As far as the past, the European Parliament has been extended to the organization of the European quotation. According to the legal plan, the UN uses non-conventional weapons. «One of the cases that we avion by completely plaid directly in the second instance. C’était impensable, mais ça a marché! »se félicite Michał Wawrykiewicz.

Goal 2023

“Wolne Sądy” prepares the album. I agree on the relationship between the transformation of the legal system. But it is up to the futures to rule a way to restore the right to a state of alternation, after the general elections of 2023.

Their plan in dix points, appearing on the definitions of European justice, fixed as a condition of the retraction of all «Neo-south» illegally named, the reintegration of suspended south, and the re-establishment of one “Right Competition” in the affections of magistrates. A program that advocates do not adopt to adopt in opposition parties.


Leur Inspiration: deux movies,“Douze hommes en colère” and “Sans fin”

Sylwia Gregorczyk: Douze Hommes in colorrealized by Sidney Lumet (1957).

«The film treats a popular jury that must deliberate on the sort of a man accused of being a pariah. For right-wing professionals, you need to be careful about the right and comment on justice. It also has a manifest manifest on the art of persuasion and attachment. »

Michał Wawrykiewicz: Without fin (Bez konca), directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski (1985).

“This is the story of a lawyer who, at the end of his speech, appeared before the tribunes, even though he defended himself from being arrested at the beginning of the Solidarnosc movement. I have a lot of courage for those who just want to defend the righteous causes. »


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