Accused of last night with the FBI at the suggestion of Trump, an advocate of the Clinton Campaign αθώος

This is a reverse for Camp Trump. An advocate for Hillary Clinton’s campaign team who traveled south to avoid being targeted by the FBI in the run-up to the election. Michael Sussmann used his special supplier John Durham, in charge of Trump’s administration’s birth trustee Bill Barr.

During the 2016 presidential election, the advocate allied himself with the FBI to signal possible links between the Republican candidate and the Russian bank Alfa Bank as a signal to the staff employed by the Hill campaign.


After dissimulating contacts between several members of Donald Trump’s campaign team and the Russian respondents, the FBI conducted interviews. Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller used the duplicate inheritance, but concluded that he did not want to hear from Donald Trump, in principle, and that he estimated that he would be able to do so, preferably by beating and beating Congress.

Several months after Mueller’s report was published, Bill Barr, the Trump administration’s Justice Minister, named a special prosecutor, John Durham, confirming to the Republican public that Donald Trump’s campaign was a “spy” campaign. “Spygate” is a regulatory denunciation of Donald Trump, which will use the incorporation of Mike Susseman and the confirmation of soups. Mais l’avocat, qui plaidait la bonne foi, a visible advisory jury.

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