According to Google Trends, the world interest rate for NFTs is up to 70%

Le déclin que connaît le marché crypto depuis has made its debut in 2022 entraining a strong base of interest of investors for non-floating tokens (NFT).

However, the interest for non-combustible chips is reduced to new ones. According to Be searches[In]Crypto and Google Trends data, the world wide interest for subjects linked to the NFT in a very narrow way.

On Google Trends, the internet evolution rate index reflects the search rate of a key (in short, non-flexible token) by region or region, and the utilization rate is the highest . A value of 0 or less than 0 values ​​which is of interest or interest, even if a value of at least 50 values ​​is the term that is most searched by the world population.

Ο όρος «jeton non fongible» attentent a Valeur of 26 on the course of the last days of May, with a base of 74% in relation to the peak of interest of 100 attentint in January 2022.

Source: Google Trends

In January 2022, les volumes mensuels des principales marketplaces NFT set a new record of $ 16.54 billion. At the lowest rates in May, it’s about $ 4 billion, which equates to a 75% base in January.

Source: The Block Crypto

The Parmi les NFT collections contribute to the explosion of chiffres in janvier, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) and the Axie Infinity.

Volume of sales of the BAYC collection in January 2022: CryptoSlam

During the last days of May, the NFT BAYC sales volume increased to $ 200 million, up 41% from the previous month.

A very strong NFT view

In January 2022, the volume of events of Axie Infinity and the Mutant Ape Yacht Club étaient d’environ $ 126.49 million and $ 252.33 million, respectively.

Subsequently, after the debut of the second half of 2022, the non-combustible ground torsion vents to be retracted.

Axie Infinity, for example, has a registered volume of $ 6.6 million, while MAYC has $ 163.96 million. In the ensemble, Axie Infinity has a base of 94% since BAYC has its shutter volume of 36%.

Currently, the most searched topics on Google for the world are inflation, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the control of firearms and the global crash of cryptocurrencies (noticing the exchange rates and values).

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