About “Comfort Electric”, a category for Tesla and Polestar

Essayer Uber ouvre «Comfort Electric», a category for Tesla and Polestar?

Adjust the parameters of the Uber ouvre’s “Comfort Electric” vehicle, a category for Tesla and Polestar or demand a free trial.

Uber to open a new category of vehicles to take advantage of the electric premium. This Experimentation in California between Polestar and Tesla.

VTCs are electrically based on the measurement of the car passing electrically and hybrid. Uber will buy and profit from the success of premium electric cars.

This is for the purpose of transporting persons to the deciduous launch of a category for two brands. Polestar and Tesla heaters also rent in an “electrical comfort” category.

It’s not for the moment of a category available basic key element in all the great Californian cities. This is effective for clients in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco where it is accessible. It was also launched in Dubai in parallel.

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The Uber also increases its tariffs to favor the passage of electricity

This is part of the Uber part, to inspire your clients to turn on the electricity. The firm sees that its fleet assembly is electrically electrified by the 2040 horizon.

This is the Uber definition most important for the transition to electricity from Tesla’s massive achat. The company controlled 50,000 electric cars of the Hertz brand.

Uber qualifies this category Comfort Electric by means of « to master the villa with style and fair party of the solution to the climatic problem ». The clients of other large cities will soon be able to access this category.

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