À quel point Tesla recycles batteries?

In relation to the impact of 2021, Tesla confirms that it can recycle up to 92% of the materials used in a battery.

Source: Tesla

Battery recycling is a regulatory subject matter in relation to its electrically relevant units. Containing materials from our accumulators permits through creating a closed-loop appropriation chamber, for, at an ideal temperature, reducing to a maximum the extraction of primary materials.

As explained in our dossier «The electric car is a separate vehicle», Only 5% of the metals present in a battery will not be recycled at this time. In the same way, the lithium figure: this element is not released in a range of its properties, but also due to its high trop elevation in the recycling material.

Des enjeux financiers significantly

This essential theme should be awarded in series by the constructors of the sector. Among the most important manufacturers of electric vehicles in the world, Tesla has recently created its own recycling process, internally developed in 2020 and in place at the Gigafactory of Nevada until the late 2020s.

This method allows you to recycle 92% of the primary materials used in your batteries, including the Tesla 2021 impact ratio. At last, the company recovered 300 tons of gold, 200 tons of cobalt, but also about 1500 tons of nickel.

Tesla Model Y Austin Gigafactory
La Tesla Model Y manufactured by Gigafactory d’Austin in Texas // Source: Tesla

Nickel recycling has been used by some financial financiers since the flames of their course in March 2022, and sent to Ukraine. Save large quantities of recyclers to generate significant savings. It is possible that the figures announced by Tesla are probably minimal in relation to the demarcation figures. The battery packs recovered by the Californian company Provide all of their R&D departments and quality control, as well as vehicles issued by the Tesla Model S fleet – all in particular.

Fable encore volumes

The big berlin was launched in 2013, this is the only place it could be at a stage suffocatingly advanced in the course of its life cycle to recharge its battery. At the same time, the modest Tesla velocity volumes at the rate of 2010 annuities consistently account for the quantity of rechargeable batteries.

In return, even at the end of the 2020 decade, the flow of recycling accumulators increases considerably: both, à Tesla completes the 8 doors for the center of its recycling process.

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