a new “major” treatment to prevent the appearance of atheist women

This is a notable advancement in cancer research since it was presented, 5 June, at the Chicago Cancer Congress (United States) and published in full in the referral journal New England Journal of Medicine. An international study (in English) shows that a treatment that works beyond a limited number of malades is ultimately effective over a large number. The term’s term is used to describe the number of women suffering from cancer.

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Since, there is a treatment for patients with metastatic cancer whose tumor is present in a very large quantity, the HER2 protein. These patients are only 2 000 à 3 000 en France. All of it comes with all sorts of anti-HER2 treatments, such as neural generation gene therapy, which also works on malignancies that contain this protein, but in small quantities. This report is by Professor William Jacot, of the Montpellier Cancer Institute (ICM), which participates in this international study: “The results are significant. These patients are alive for more than six months at a time. How can I see a wound, but how often does a bond occur when you do not have to deposit more than a quarter of this sub-type of maladies?” . ” Six more for women who donnait jusqu’à present cinq ans de vie en moyenne.

This is also 5 000acquis complementary for cancer if you want to benefit from this anti-HER2 cable treatment – and if you want to be at a disadvantage, be careful by Professor William Jacot : «You’re a new message of aspiration part which is on this genre of demonstration in the advanced stages of maladie, the next stage, which is to take place in the stages of more or less precision. Arrive at the localized stages to increase not more than the amount of life, but the rates of care for more than one patient able to increase at the end. qui font un kancer du sein. ” Soit en tout 30 000 patients every year in France.

For all these patients, the anti-HER2 anti-HR2 therapy always provides support for the treatment of chemotherapy, toxic and non-toxic. And this is not the end, but it’s still open to other views, thanks to Professor Fabrice André, of the Gustave-Roussy Institute of Villejuif: “Whatever happens, it’s what it’s all about, it can be constructed on the basis of these medicines. Aujourd’hui, out of interest in the HER2 protein, Demain in and out of interest in another protein , how can it be TROP2, after HER3, etc. How can it be so that these conjugated antibodies can mark the origin of the cancer independently? “

Clearly, the medicine does not specify the exact organ to be touched, be it, the pumice, or the sample by itself, but according to the exact type of tumor. On va donc vers a more or more personalized medicine.

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