a mysterious smartphone high-end gaming device on Android

With the Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro and the top Pixels flexible, Google travaillerait sur un autre smartphone haut de gamme.

Le Google Pixel 6a // Source: Google

The Pixel team engineers have a very busy agenda. Google I / O, the maker of the Pixel 6a, the first images from the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, the Pixel Watch and the new tablet. It is also possible that a Pixel float is at the rate of elaboration, although it is inertial output. Discover what comes in the Android source code, the product references of a new product: another high quality Google Pixel smartphone.

A mysterious code name

The 9To5Google site fait

the point on different references and code names found in the AOSP source code, the version open source d’Android. In the “C10” and “P10” flashbacks, the codes correspond to the Pixel 7 Pro “Cheetah” and the Pixel 7 “Panther”. Note that the initial of each code name corresponds to the product reference. The website évéle deux autres noms de codes liés à de grands félins: “Felix” and “Linx”, is supposed to be the future Pixel 7a and a new version of Pixel Notepad malleable.

Desormais, he found and added a new reference: Google «G10», without knowing the name of the file used by Google and commuting to G. À on the redirect, on aimerait miser sur «Geoffroy’s», Geoffroy in French.

A smartphone given to the game;

Most interesting, tekniques c’est les characteristic of the smartphone decoupled in the source code. Up to your Android device using an Exynos button or Google Tensor and equipped with a 120 Hz screen to install the Pixel 6 Pro, with a definition of 3120 x 1440 physical details details 120 Hz x 75 mm . Other than that, this is not a tablet.

With a code name commensurate with G, it tends to create a smartphone oriented to the video game, which is programmed using a 120 Hz screen. Similar form to the Pixel 6 Pro can also be fitted with a Z Flip flip flop, for all with the Notepad input which auras a Z Fold design. Rien n’indike toutefois qu’il s’agisse of a smartphone εύκαμπτο. Infinitely, in a penser with a new version of the Pixel 6 Pro, it can be used to make the production surface on the window where the green is replicated by the Pixel 7 Pro in a display case.

Impossible to determine at the moment. Only then did Google work on a new smartphone with similar features to a high-end product.

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