a Model S accelerates to 110 km / h against a finish and finish in the car

The Une Tesla Model S is more developed at a speed of 110 km / h. The glass wall of the furniture is traversed before finishing its course in the background. The accident is striking, but the conductor is not sorted with blessing lights.

In the town of Columbus in Ohio in the United States, a Tesla Model S is here an impressive crash the last week. Grilling a fire extinguisher, it is not screwed on plus 110 km / h in the center of Greater Columbus.

The Tesla Model S in the center of the convention center – Πιστωτικό: TheColumbusDispatch / YouTube

The shock is very strong that the electric berlin is passable à travers the wall vitreous of the bitumen. It is ultimately grounded in the coating of the bitumen after it has escaped heat. As a distance, road accidents involving Tesla d’Elon Musk cars are particularly mediated. Anyway, on board a Model 3 will land on an ambulance in California.

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This Tesla Model S caused some $ 350,000 in downtime

Surveillance cameras on the outside and inside of the convention center capture images of the accident at several angles. The crash video is impressive, but the conductor is not sorted with blessing lights. The bitumen size of the subsoil is structurally degraded. A password center of the declared congress center that caused the accident between $ 250,000 and $ 350,000 int the interior and the exterior of the building. Not only the electrical lines, the carpet, the wall coverings, the safety clutches and the ignition system for ignition.

The local newspaper The Columbus Dispatch shared the complete video of the accident on its YouTube channel. The video in this case the crash captured by different surveillance cameras. The electric berlin grill on the windshield will be flushed and the stained glass facade of the bitumen will be broken. A flute pot is reversed and the glass screws are connected to the sole.

Seconds after the collision, the first interviewed topics. A person inside the renter inside the bitumen to verify the state of the conductor being another symbol on a train appearing to be secured. However, the end of the video shows the accident inside. A chicken brushes the Model S. Son pare-chocs et son pare-brise are seriously endomagnetic. The electric car is part of a local taxi service. The conductor whose output is embedded in the hospital assures that it avoids controlling the brakes before the accident.

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