A man rases a Tesla and makes movies by cameras

A single man from Singapore, who specializes in everything, both of them, both of them, Rayer a Tesla garage in a Clementi parking lot. Sauf qu’il ne savait visually pas comment functioning the cameras of the Tesla Model 3.

As such, this act of vandalism was filmed by one of the cameras mounted on the Tesla Model 3, presented as one state-of-the-art surveillance machine in the frame of the electric car marketing material.

What to watch the video


A video mounting the man in flagrant delta of the natives été published on Facebook le 6 mars dernier. More recently, it has been posted on social networks and exposed to the popular windshield… And this is what happens!

On the images, you see the man in blue, masked and leaning in his main gauze of plastic bags containing objects, marking before Tesla is out of sight of the conductor of the car.

Dommages subis

In a single fluid movement, it has all the length of the conductor side of the car with a key dans sa main droite. D’un coup, d’un seul, même pas le temps de dire ouf! However, the termination of the work by striking the key in the corner of the car when it has reached the carrier.

After each possible vision of the video, this act of vandalism, à by default it can be pre-empted, it must be low and it will be low… The assembly takes about 5 seconds. Heureusement donc quil était filmé car sinon, il n’y aurait aucune preuve!

All domains used by the Tesla Model 3 are available more superficial than expected, car painting is particularly robust, which reflects the quality of the brand.

The La Tesla Model 3 has 8 cameras

Model 3 is equipped with cameras that are transformed into a surveillance machine. This is an exception to the car journey from this point of view, and from other places! Tesla cars also have a powerful image processing system that offers 360-degree viscosity, such as distance 250 meters.

This is an advantage that is not only useful against vandals of this genre, but also in the life of all the days where at risk of painting the painting à all instant…

Le mode φρουρός

Lorsque le guard function of the Model 3 garée est active, the car automatically registers its environment if its sensors detect which or which it chooses to approach. Of course, all sensors are alerted in this mode: from which Tesla proprietors are installed which are still at their most precise stationary position.

The sentinel mode function also alerts the owner of the Tesla of intrusion in real time via the une mobile app. Which means to react more often and to contact the authorities to improve this situation.

The only inconvenient is that for an additional security, the sentinel mode drain the vehicle battery with a range of 1.4 km of autonomy for each time it is activated.

Plain deposit with a video of your Tesla?

According to the Washington Post video on Tesla Model 3 cameras: “If you have a car or your car, all that you have is a video that will pass. »It is red that the cell suffers effectively… The author that the cell does not affect the fire vandals. An automatic call system redirected to the police pour into it.

Independently, some interns do not notice that this video can all be used to file a police report and request an indemnification for your security. In the fantasy that these are the stages and the auxiliary offers that you have written.

Note: In addition to all your information, the Tesla board coordinator 40 times more than data by relation to the preceding system. The control of the neural network controlled by the brand, which constitutes the foundation of the development of the Autopilot. In effect, this is the last amenity that allows Sentinelle mode installation.

This system provides a perception of the environment infinitely superior to a conductor cell, simultaneously monitoring all directions, on the lengths of impermeable waves at the homom. What is the advantage of processing the images that are produced! Be careful not to scratch the petite petals that are on Tesla.

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