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    Lecture 3 minutes.

    New information is provided daily for Philips suite data suites and defective ventilation apparatus. On the one hand, the ANS makes a decision of the sanitary police to accelerate their replacement. On the other hand, several patients immediately approached the company in justice and were contacted by Maître Christophe Léguevaques, a lawyer at the Paris Barrier, interrogated by Doctissimo.

    After the announcement of the information in the preceding article “Do Philips apparatus count against the lack of sommelier can be responsive to cancers?” The defective ventilation apparatus of Philips checks Philips soliciter soliciter of the services of a lawyer, to launch a collective action. Ill ont choisi Maître Christophe Lèguevaques, advocate at the Barreau de Paris, having joined the Merck laboratory in an action of this type in 2020.

    Two procedures: civil and criminal

    We propose on our site two possibilities, on the myleo.legal site: the patients can choose to participate in the civil or criminal procedure. The premise of the lack of information must not be due to Philips since 14 June, the date after which the problem was reported. We do not want Philips to recognize the subconscious mind of patients, in order to prevent them from detecting the problem “explicitly all Maître Lèguevaques.”La seconde procédure, au pénal, concerning the advantage of patients who will be weakened by the pathology in terms of the possible performance of the machines. Concerning a number plus person restraint and this is a procedure long plus, plus approfondie and contradictory. “It is not necessary to analyze the data provided by Philips by independent experts to find the value for these patients.” ajoute encore l’avocat.

    For civil proceedings, the lawyer advises that Philips pour into order to be disqualified before any further proceedings are instituted: “What is most important for the image of society is that it does not have serious chances of winning » indique Maître Lèguevaques, whose estimate is the highest’s value of 15 000 euros per victim.

    For the criminal procedure, “the finality is condamner the coupable and the fault indemniseris the victim in case by case, according to the subijudice subi » explicit encore the lawyer who sees “determined and determined“.

    ANSM makes a decision of “sanitary police”

    After avoiding roll-off against Philips replaying its apparatus, the National Agency for Safety of Medicine and Health Products (ANSM) avoids “Makes a sanitary policing decision to guide the Philips Respironics company to accelerate the replacement of all its PPC fans and appliances to identify a possible problem with the insulating mouse“. Ainsi, l’ANSM reetère”the obligation for homeowners to inform patients:“.

    At the moment, after the available data are available, the risk of cancer due to the use of these PPC fans and apparatus concerned is not aired “ rappelle l’agente. Explain the replacement modes of defective machines by Philips Respironics, which must be accelerated, then:

    • Replacement after replacement or repair of 75% of appliances concerned June 2022;
    • Replacement of appliances or repair of 100% of appliances in December 2022

    Philips Respironics is the power of:

    • to transmit all to ANS a stage of advance of the calendar;
    • to place an epidemiological study to evaluate the risk of cancer potentially induced by exposure to the ventilation equipment concerned, the preliminary results of which are transmitted to the ANSM in full.

    In fact, the ANS accounted for the dumbbell pressure, which “appeals in place of all useful measurements, traceability note and patient information, to contribute to respecting this calendar“.


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