A Google Pixel 7 search engine on eBay in prototype form

A Pixel 7 claim to have its app on the eBay platform (so it can be avoided after downloading), by installing the Google high-end phone under all its covers.

Les futurs Pixel 7 // Source: Google

Το Google Pixel 7 is not present before the car, as well as the promotion of the Mountain View company to Google I / O 2022, several more before leaving, report The lip. The phone is effected in an eBay advertisement, which is now suppressed.

The design which is all possible to observe at all angles and to discover, note, its new photo block in recycled aluminum. Ici, Google muscle is playing with the plastic of the Pixel 6 to replace it with a more solid material, which also has a high premium aspect.

A large assertion ment

The arboreal pressure model is designed in other colors, which is only mounted by the California group when the annuity conference is given to the developers. Its face suggests a relatively large moment, but the borders have a possible price tag – the angle of the photos you can get – that of the Pixel 6.

On this side, the volume and power buttons do not change place: they touch the right tranche. A screen capture mounts to a 128 Go storage space. Having the provenance of this product, the country is affirmed à The lip the end turned into a grossist, without which not knowing the nature of the apparatus.

What is Pixel 7?

Toujours is what this «fuite»No more petty indiscretions intervening in the course of the last semen. It murmurs notably that the 7-pixel and Pixel 7 Pro screens are serially string identical to each of these processors: 1080 x 2400 pixels and 90 Hz at a speed of 1440 12-bit 31’s.

Google for other confirmation of the presence of a Tensor 2 tube, which logically logs takes up more power in the development of artificial intelligence-based algorithms, photo or video. On top of that gross performances mounted on a crane.

Rendez-vous in all the houses at the car 2022 for decoupage in detail: that’s, other feet flowing us to attach more elements.

Pixel 7: Google's dumbbell information

A Google I / O conference is very important, the company does not have the time to enter the details of the products. Some information about les Pixel 7 on the album and business partitions…
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