A case of single pox detected in Nouvelle-Calédonie

A premier case of monkey pox was detected in Médipôle, New Caledonia. Une mise en garde de la DASS a été adressée dans une note au personnel hospitalier.

A premier case of monkey pox has been reported in New Caledonia. Une mise en garde de la Direction des affaires sanitaires et sociales (DASS) a été faite dans une note au personnel hospitalier du Médipôle, à Dumbéa.

However, the Territorial Hospital Center (CHT) is reassuring: “the transmission of this infectious disease is essentially sexual. Les infectiologues de l’hôpital ne sont pas inquiet quant à un risque d’epidémie.”

According to the World Health Organization, transmission can occur through close physical contact. All answers to your questions are found on this page. Santé publique France fait le point sur l’évolution des cases en France et dans le Monde ici. The national health agency speaks of transmission by direct contact with skin lesions or mucous membranes of sick people, as well as by droplets (saliva, eternuements, postillons…)

As for serious cases, they are extremely rare and affect only new-borns, children and immuno-depressed people. A press conference is scheduled for Wednesday 13 July.

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