90 constant dollars are now subtitled on Mirror, and this has been passed in 7 months

The Mirror (MIR) costs $ 90 million

The symbol that is among the most important using perforators to draw attention to developers. Effectiveness, we want to upgrade Mirror (MIR), a decentralized finance protocol (DeFi) bit on the Terra blockchain Classical (LUNC), s’est fait subtiliser $ 90 million in October 2021.

The Mirror protocols are used by users shorter ου δε long des fungicides calculated on their real value. In other terms, the whole trader on the equivalent of shares like Apple, Amazon, or Google via a Surveillance Charge oracle the real course of these latest.

The live review of the Twitter user « @FatManTerra », Συνέχισε τη παρουσίαχή λειτουργού on the Terra search forum, and more specifically from the blockchain fork. According to him, the user malveillant aurait réussi à remove important items by having inferior mounts.

“And you know that the Mirror Protocol, up to 18 hours, is sensitive to one of the most profitable exploits of all time, providing a generator of 4.3 million from $ 10. ; Voici σχόλιο j’ai decouvert cela – par pure sérendipité. »

👉 Return not only on the consistencies of the expansion of the Terra ecosystem (UST / LUNA)

What is passed;

In large lines, Mirror Protocol permet de small on active en depositing another active with a 2 semain pendant guarantee. It is also necessary to lock the LUNA Classic (LUNC) or other cryptocurrencies in order to invest.

One trade effect, the user can recover its deposited assets collaterally through a system of smart contracts. Boots, single-breasted suite, capable of repeating this operation of several hundredths of a second, without jamaican supplementary collateral deposits.

«The locking contract shall not be verified as the funds being sent from the minting contract. Attacking a position with a $ 10 guarantee and sending $ 10,000 directly to the locking contract. It can also be used to lock other person guarantees, enclosed and enclosed, by contract. »

The blockchain security company BlockSec correlated FatMan’s messages via Twitter, indicating that the transactions were valid ορατά ντεπούις the explorer of Terra Classic blocksand επιβεβαιωτικό at the same time that the protocol was taken and used.

Ainsi, according to the on-chain data, not attracting aurait dérobé au total quasiment $ 90 million. One of the most important, which comes, à a priori, all just to be decoupled.

All users of the Mirror Protocol’s note on May 17 qu ‘a patch has just been applied to avoid duplication of these orderswhich provides free flow to the speculation of an attack simulated by the protocol.

As long as the rates are stable and confirmed, they will continue to save if the Mirror Derrier team is on or off.

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Sources : TwitterTerra Finder

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