86 deaths in 24 hours, 15,488 hospitalized patients

The hospital stay: at least 1000 patients are currently being treated by critical services.

86 people died in Covid-19 on May 30 at the hospital, according to the report of the organization Santé publique France, 42 of which were sold or 44 victims were evacuated.

15,488 patients are currently hospitalized in French hospitals (up to 15,811 sold), of which 635 arrived on Monday. First, 992 patients are treated in critical services. Sold, it’s been 1024. 4673 new cases have been detected.

Ce qu’il faut rettenir de ce lundi

A man à Beijing is drawn from a query for non-compliance with the rules of isolation, which drive the mass quarantine of hammers, announcing to the authorities, at the moment when the Chinese capital limits restrictions 19. The city, at a steady pace, far from the debut of many schools, non-essential businesses and public places after an epidemic. The residences of the residences or of the positives on which they are registered are definite.

Italy has announced that it’s expected to take all necessary measures to present a vaccination test against Covid-19, a recent study or a negative test that may be taking place. The obligation to present a sanitary pass to enter Italy «ne sera pas prolongée»Au-delà du mardi 31 mai, a precisé le minister é Santé.

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