2,800 faux tickets were scanned inside the Stade de France

INFO RMC Sport – 2,800 faux tickets have been scanned through the gates inside the Stade de France, unique in level of gates destined for English supporters, in the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

This can be an element of strength that allows the living room to be occupied by Gerald Darmanin of an environment of 30,000 people without a ticket or with free tickets, presented at the Stade de France. No information, 2,800 faux tickets were scanned at the Stade de France. The supply of tickets is sufficiently credible to be present in the steward machine in the second filter. They have been presented only on the doors of the English public.

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This figure, actually car verified by the scans, is significantly superior to what arrives in general on this type of recordings or which centaurs of faux tickets at maximum are reviewed. L’UEFA and FFF do not want to increase the volume of superior tickets in circulation and have a reliable environment of 30,000 people without tickets or with tickets. As indicated by the Minister of Sports, this order of magnitude has been confirmed by RATP, the consortium of the Stade de France and the prefecture of Police.

Public ovens have been alerted

The design services alerted the authorities, two days before the final of the Champions League, the risks surrounding the match “50,000 English supporters” without a ticket or “in possession of false tickets”. Date 25 May, a note from the National Division for the Fight against Hooliganism (DNLH) reads in conjunction with the reconnaissance services, both at AFP and by convention, having “an environment of 50,000 capital supporters”. (qui) ne seront pas ticket detectors ».

“Entry outside”, is the secret in this document that diffuses diffused into the police services, “serot possession of faucet tickets and attempting to use the equipment to access the stadium”. “Other attempts to penetrate by Russians in the sports field, using for example steward uniforms, UEFA staffs, medical staffs, netting agents, etc.”, note the note. Total 22,000 tickets were officially allotted to supporters of each of the two finalist clubs.

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