σχόλιο the two-course meal check in the kitchen of the government

Throw faire face à “The first urgency of France”the government promet de frapper vite et fort. “The power supply for the power supply is based on the first text of this quintessence”, confirmed the Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on 27 May. The broad lines of these measures were then devoted to the Council of Ministers, including a seminar, having a complete presentation on 29 June, specifying the password portfolio of the government, Monday 30 May, in Le Parisien (article payer).

One of the measures taken by the executive is a food check, intended for modest modes touched by the flow of food in the feed. A newcomer; I do not know what to do. This project, acting on one side or the other, takes a long time to push into the cartons of the government, having to resume in a context of declining inflation. Franceinfo you defected the different gestation of this check, which remains closed to the dragonfly.

1June 2020: the Convention cited for the proposed climate of this idea

Souvenez-vous l’été 2020. Après neuf mois de travail, le 21 juin, le membres de la Convention quote climat (CCC) υιοθενοντας μία سریال από 149 προτάσεις to reduce emissions of the gas effect. Listened to by the crisis of the “yellow turtles”, Emmanuel Macron has given him a motive: “social justice”. Reçu message. Χύστε το inspirer les consommateurs à acheter “des produits durable”one of the repetitive measures is composed à “place in place of checks for the most demons”.

The citations are such that these checks are only usable “for bios products” ou “Dans les Amap”, the Associations promote the circuits courts. However, despite legal barriers, it offers a broader and more inclusive definition that refers to “Label rouge”, “Haute valeur environnementale”, “Pêche durable” or encore “Produit à la ferme”.

According to the logistics plan, the distribution of these checks is configured in the communal centers of social action (CCAS). «In some communities, even if they are charged with distributing food items, they look like restaurant tickets, which provide courses in social services or partner companies»the Convention on Climate Change.

2June to December 2020: Emmanuel Macron is destined for implementation

Some days later, on June 29, Emmanuel Macron did not interfere with the quasi-government or Parliament of the quasi-totality of the CCC proposals. Outside the citadel in the Elysée Gardens, the quote “fortes suggestions” qu’il suhaite “All for reprises”à commencer par les “food checks, to allow more or less modest access to quality products”.

Emmanuel Macron expires with 150 citations from CCC, Elysée, 29 June 2020. (CHRISTIAN HARTMANN / AFP)

In the torpedo of the room, the idea is short, but, at least, the radio silence of the executive. The measure is not in the plan of relations, nor in the project of the financial year 2021. In December, the cause is paid. South Korea’s common land arbitrage, where food supply is no longer relevant, has largely been removed from the climate convention. L’une des participants Demade all accounts by the head of the State.

“We do not comply with the categorical refusal of the Minister of Agriculture to place food checks in place of biological and local products.”

A member of the Convention citing climate

lors d’une rencontre avec Emmanuel Macron, 14 Δεκεμβρίου

Response from the Chief of State, who takes all the court money: “I’m sucking on the food check, because it ‘s fast. You’ve got a reason.” Applause in the hall.

Sit on the presidential fire, most of which are ordered in order to concretize the project. A working group consisting of a design of depots going to the floor and a note is transmitted by the government. Priority target products: organic or labeled fruits and vegetables, local and seasonal. Mounting: between 30 and 60 euros for family members. The check sees all of them “populations preliminary” but also the general public, for example, at the prize pool charged by their company, such as for checking restaurants or vacations, report L’Opinion (article payer).

3February 2021: figure measurement in Climate, without further ado

However, February debut, zero track of the device in the original version of the Governance Climate project. In March, LREM MP Mounir Mahjoubi demanded the government “de s’engager” sur le sujet et fait υιοθετητής un amendment. “Checking food is durable, it is for maintenance”, cut the flower. Accused son “attachment” By the way, Julien Denormandie, the Minister of Agriculture and Alimony, assured him that he was working ahead.

“Criteria are in the process of being finalized and defined by the government”.

Julien Denormandie, Minister for Agriculture and Food

à l’Assemblée Nationale

The climate and resilience is promoted in August, with the amendment of Mounir Mahjoubi. Article 259 shall, at any time, be provided for by the Parliament only in two reports, both in October and in February, without the obligation to install the “double feed” check. Denoncent ecological depots, in Vienna, for the purpose of expression: “Faced with climatic urgency, the time must be taken for action and decision, and not for the control of relations by government.”

4Fin 2021: Bercy tranche and measurement is now abandoned

At the end of the year, after the audits conducted by the Ministers of Alimony, Solidarity and Finance, the “duplex check” and new ports are provided. “According to what has been audited by the automaker, it can be seen that it is not aura that only reports on the two provisos. Finally, it has not been published”, déplore auprès de franceinfo la Fédération of food banks. The association demands to be removed from the executive to convey these inspection conferences “Advancing legislators”.

Why an internal connection? “In the game of finances, end 2021, Bercy does not have the budget to agree on the food check, preferring to enforce the ideas of the Charity Associations”responds to FNSEA, the main agricultural syndicate, which has extended the date for a device.

“It’s an arbitration by Bruno Le Maire unfavorable to the foodie.”

Yannick Fialip, Chairman of the FNSEA Economic Committee

à franceinfo

“It’s very complicated to put in place, I do not have the cache”will meet with the Minister of Economy and Finance, on BFMTV, in September, Soucieux “that our public finances are so tense and that the silver is the same as what they actually believe in”.

5March and April 2022: promising surface area in a wide electoral campaign

On March 7, iss Poissy (Yvelines), in his inaugural sort of candidacy declared in succession, Emmanuel Macron unveiled his first proposals.

“This is the candidate you’s talking about: we all take place in place of the food check.

Emmanuel Macron, candidate for succession to the Elysium

when confronted with Poissy habitats

What shape does this device take; Joker. On March 22, the president will defens the contents of a measure intended for him «Menages the most modest et [aux] moyennes lessons “throw the incites “Acheter in court circuit and acheter français”. A little later, ahead of the second round, Julien Denormandie is also as evasive as one more. “The principle is arbitrary, in the techniques it is in the details”eloud-t-il, having a potential target of millions of benefits and a place in place “after the election, current of the year 2022”.

6May and June 2022: the final check finally shows the day “rien n’est acte”

At the time of arbitration, before presenting the project of the project on the power supply, “Rien n’est Exclu”επιβεβαιώνω à franceinfo le deputé LREM Gregory Besson-Moreau, qui dit “work on the subject with the president and his teams”. “Inflation is linked to Russian-Ukrainian warfare, all of which are based on ideas and which, for three years, can be followed by a double-detection system,” he said.avance-t-il. Pour and avoid an emergency measurement, and derive multiple measurements. Rien n’est acté ».

Before leaving Matignon, Jean Castex did not take it too seriously to reduce the ecological ambition of the device.

“The option is that the feed check be diverted to a power supply check.”

Jean Castex, Prime Minister

à l’AFP, April 15th

Slidingly, the actuators of the sector tend to inflate on the board of items concerned by the check input. Agricultural Cooperative, cooperative lobby, and FNSEA militant for the inclusion of all “quality and local food products, of animal and vegetable origin”, y includes hors produits frais et sans label bio. A mount includes 90 and 150 euros mensuels par foyer est avncé.

The large distribution area is flat, to include the operating beams, lighting products and hygienic products, due to the initial vocation of the food check. For the group E.Leclerc, “social emergency” must be used on the objective of “evolving the food regime of France”.

“The problem with this check is that it is a simple parable, but all of it derives its objectives from the objects”, notice Barbara Mauvilain, in charge of relations Institutinelles au sein des Banques alimentaires. The time is short for the clarification of the line.

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